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Creative Ways to Use Your Marijuana Stems

Did you know that there are creative ways to use to your stems?

According to our stoner code, it is a crime to throw away stems. Stems are a pot of gold as they are so versatile that throwing them away is just foolish. Any good stoner should know that stems can be used for a wide range of purposes. However, not everyone has figured out every way to use their stems, so we have made it our mission to explore and reveal the creative ways to use your marijuana stems.


Photo by Vee O

This is one of the most well-known creative ways to use your marijuana stems. It is very easy indeed. All you need are some well-cut stems and high fat liquid, most preferably coconut oil. The first thing you will have to do is to decarboxylase your stems. Then you wrap them in a coffee filter after properly grinding them. For at least seven minutes simmer the water, then steep your mixture. Also, you add lemon to improve the experience. Taking this in the morning will brighten your day. 


This is one of my favorite things to do with my stems. Stems actually make a mean cocktail. However, to properly create a cocktail infused with cannabis you will probably have to be patient, as it takes time. The process is easy. All you need is a jar full of stems and the strongest alcoholic drink you can find. Pour your alcoholic drink into a jar filled with the stems. Make sure you pour till it’s full to the brim. Then close your jar. Place it in a cool, dry place for a minimum of seven days. Each day ensure that you shake it. The alcohol will draw out and absorb the cannabinoids. After seven days your cocktail infused with cannabis is ready. If you host a party and serve these drinks, you will be the talk of your neighborhood. The cocktail will give you that extra high that you will need to party all through the night. 


Another way to you use your marijuana stems is creating butter. This will require a large amount of stems, so as to produce a good quantity of butter. The whole process is easy and all you need is an equal amount of both butter and cannabis. For instance, you could take five grams of butter with five grams of stems. Then place the butter in a pan and ensure it melts. While melting, sprinkle it with the stems. Using low heat, simmer it, and that's it. You have your own butter infused with butter. So instead of taking ordinary butter you should consider this. 


Best known for their therapeutic value, marijuana topicals have increased in popularity in recent times. You can easily make them at home. All you need is the topical recipe to be specific to marijuana. Then add your own vitamins and oils. Most people prefer the use of peppermint and lavender. 

Hemp Wick

Many smokers tend to have to have a general dislike for butane flames. You can avoid this by making your own hemp wick at home. You can do this by cutting your across the stem until you only have strings remaining. After cutting a couple of stems, you will have enough strings to tie together to form ropes. You can place the ends into beeswax. Then before using it, ensure it dries out.


I know that you're probably thinking that baskets aren't cool because they're for old people, but on the contrary they can be very creative items and are very useful as well.  

Hemp Paper

Using marijuana stems, you can actually create your own birthday cards. Take your stem and some paper scraps and soak them overnight. After soaking them, put the mixture into a blender and turn on your blender. Ensure that they are fully blended and take the pulp and place it on a screen. Ensure that the pulp is well spread. Then allow it to dry completely and boom! You now have hemp paper.

Embrace Your Artistic Side

Marijuana stems are very versatile. You can use both stems and buds to create works of art. In recent times, people have creatively used their stems to create jewelry and artistic pictures. The likes of Dan Cretu have earned a fortune creating images inspired by marijuana buds. So feel free to explore your artistic side using marijuana stems.

Bubble Hash

Another creative way to use your marijuana stems is to extract bubble hash. For those who do not understand what bubble hash is, it is in the family of marijuana. It offers a similar type of high. You can create your own bubble hash using stems by extracting the resin from the stem with very cold water. Then, using special filter bags, it is filtered to get a pure form of a hash.

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Creative Ways to Use Your Marijuana Stems
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