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Conspiracy Kush Review

You'll question everything you know!

Photo Credit to yours truly-CJ

Conspiracy Kush! You'll be questioning everything you know when you try this 70%/30% indica-dominant hybrid. The parents of this relaxation-inducing strain are the Indica Obama Kush, and the Hybrid Space queen. Now let's discuss what this strain has to offer.


This strain displays a very pleasing, forest-green like color, that automatically entices the user. The hairs contained within the Kush contain very dark red tones, and their abundance shows evidence of a plant that has properly matured. The trichomes are very abundant within the flower, and almost leads to somewhat of a "dusty look."


Right from the first sniff, a rush of sweet aromas floods your nostrils. There is a vanilla-like smell followed by slight fruity undertones. Conspiracy Kush would definitely be a good choice for those with a sweet tooth.


The structure of the leaves follows more closely to its sativa lineage. The leaves are a bit bristly and spread out, as compared to indica-like structures that are very dense and tightly packed. The leaves also break apart very nicely, and make your fingers stick from all the crystals.


The flavors of this strain match up great with the odors, as they are both sweet. The finish is a bit earthy and hash-like, but is overall a smooth smoke. I would recommend keeping a glass of water handy, for you will become very thirsty.


There were very euphoric sensations throughout my lower body and my torso did feel less tense, and relaxed. My mind felt to be in a very peaceful state, which was a great mood booster. This strain would greatly benefit anyone feeling overwhelming stress or pain.


Conspiracy Kush has proven to be quite the relaxing strain, and I would highly recommend anyone to purchase some near them. I shall speak with you next time my friends.


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Conspiracy Kush Review
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