Marijuana Minute

Marijuana Minute is a smart, irreverent new web series covering everything you need to know about the fastest growing industry in America. Hosted by Michael Eckford. Presented by Willie's Reserve.

Kathy T. Cooleya month ago
Everything You Need to Know About Dab Pens
With the increasing number of marijuana-legalized states, there is building hype around this green flower. People are showing interest in experiencing weed, and the so-called feeling of a ‘high’. Now,...
Wendy Weedler2 years ago
Does Marijuana Affect Brain Development?
Marijuana can be a very useful substance, but given the relative lack of knowledge about long-term effects, we could all stand to be as educated as possible before engaging. A little cannabis can be great for social gatherings, as it reduces anxiety and temporarily improves mood. However, Mary Jane doesn’t always treat its users fairly. This beautiful plant can turn into a flower of doom amongst younger smokers. It's pretty well-established at this point that cannabis use will not cause the any ...
Ed Green2 years ago
Can Marijuana Help You Lose Weight?
When most people think of a session with Mary Jane, the image of vegging out in heavy couchlock, a bag of Doritos in one hand and a TV remote in the other, springs to mind. Now, this isn't exactly what your average fitness coach means when they say “work out”, unless you're trying to jack up your button-pressing thumb muscles. Based on all of the common conceptions about marijuana munchies, it should stand to reason that cannabis users have a higher incidence of obesity and weight-related diseas...
Aunt Mary2 years ago
Benefits of CBD Oil
Until recently, the study of the positive effects of marijuana has been relatively overlooked, as have the benefits of cannabidiol, or CBD oil, a non-psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. Besides the still-evident stigmatization of cannabis, specific government legislation and funding constraints have made it all the more difficult for scientists to focus on CBD research. It is only more recently that the medical field has started to realize the potential for cannabinoids to cure diseases, relie...
Wendy Weedler2 years ago
Why Marijuana Gives You the Munchies
Everyone is familiar with the munchies; that intense, gotta-have-some-snacks-now feeling you get from using marijuana. However, not many people know why marijuana gives you the munchies. In order to provide some edutainment, we will explore the science behind cannabis and its connection to the salty, sticky, sweet snacks that so often follow. There are many different explanations for why cannabis causes the munchies, and each one may just be playing a part in a larger system that we do not yet u...
Ed Green2 years ago
Understanding Cannabinoids
Understanding cannabinoids as a layman seems to be only slightly less confusing than understanding them as a scientist. That’s not entirely true, but we are talking about a system within the human body with who-knows-how-many receptors and we’ve identified exactly two in the last twenty years. Which is great, because new science is fun, and the concept of understanding cannabinoids is definitely new science.
Wendy Weedler2 years ago
Does Smoking Weed Improve Your Workout?
I've received this question many times: people wanting to know if they can smoke weed to improve their workout. This is a very particular topic where people are either misinformed or simply don't know the answer. The fact is, medical marijuana, when used appropriately and correctly prescribed, can improve your work out. There is a link between exercise and cannabis. Cannabis has been the main topic of a discussion in trying to determine if it should be used as part of a sport training program. O...
Potent Staff2 years ago
What Are Cannabis Concentrates?
What are cannabis concentrates? Broadly speaking, a concentrate is anything that is made up of compounds extracted from marijuana, usually either THC or CBD. There are many different methods of extraction and each one results in a different product. The starting material can also influence what specific product is produced. Concentrates are appealing to those who are looking for a stronger effect or high. It is also desirable for those who are looking for efficiency with their consumption, as a ...
Potent Staff2 years ago
Best Cannabis Strains for Sleep
Medical marijuana is used to remedy several conditions that may include insomnia, severe pain and anxiety. It is important to note that medical marijuana doesn’t treat the aforementioned conditions but rather serves to relieve them as symptoms of an underlying illness. Concerning sleep disorders, several varieties of marijuana are known to be particularly helpful. In this article, I shall discuss several strains generally regarded as the best cannabis strains for sleep. Marijuana is a naturally ...