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Clever Weed Containers

Innovative and amazing objects that are great and clever weed containers!

It is better to be safe than sorry, which is why it is always very important to keep your stash in a clever weed container! There are hundreds of amazing items which look like your normal day to day products, but have a little compartment which is near enough impossible to see. So if you’re looking for a safe place to put your stash then check out these clever weed containers.

Aluminum Multi-tool Pocket Key Chain Travel Stash by Screwpop

I am going to ease you into these great products with a nice and simple one to start us off. It's called a keychain stash. This is basically a small capsule which can be attached to your keys. The part attached to your keys can unscrew allowing you to stash small amounts of Mary Jane! It's simple but smart. I have found this is great in cases of an emergency when you’ve run out and all you can think about is a sweet toke. It's worth noting that you can probably only fit a very small amount in here, you wont be able to fit grinder, skins, filters, or anything else fancy that you want.

Undercover Leg Wallet by Eagle Creek

Now, if you are looking for something which can hold everything you want to make your smoke as beautiful as possible, this next product should be right up your alley. The Eagle Creek Undercover Leg Stash is a pouch that fits perfectly around your calf underneath your pants and consists of two very spacious zip pockets! It also comes with a CoolMax backing which keeps your all important contents getting moist from your gross sweaty leg! What an amazingly clever weed container.

Men's Fanning Sandal by Reef

On to something a little different. This next option is a cross between James Bond and an old man at the beach… bare with me! It's called the Reef Stash and is essentially a pair of sandals with a pull out storage drawer in the heel. Don’t get me wrong, it's not the stylish London brogue that 007 wears with a tracking device in the heel. However, the idea is just as ingenious when you are the one who can walk down the high street and everyone is none the wiser that you have an amazing stash of Super Lemon Haze in your sandals!

Travel Coffee Mug Diversion Safe by Bewild

Coffee and weed go hand in hand, so it would make perfect sense for you to hide your stash in a thermal coffee mug. This would be the last place anyone would look if they’re trying to steal it! This is literally a perfect two-in-one product because the top section has a no spill top and can be used as an insulated coffee thermos. It can hold about as much as a standard coffee mug, but the rest of the mug is used to stash your beloved herb! It's around about 3" tall by 3" in diameter so you can fit all sorts in there, great for camping!

CD Diversion Safe by Southwest Specialty Products

CDs may be a little dated now and unless you are an extreme hipster, you are probably part of the 90 percent of the population that downloads/streams their music online. However, if you still have that CD collection from the 90s then this next stash will slot perfectly in with them! It's a stack of CDs with a hidden compartment inside them allowing for the perfect subtleness in your stash! The best kind of clever weed container for all you music lovers out there.

Gallon Paint Can Diversion Safe by Safety Technology International, Inc.

If you are anything like myself (or the majority of households on the planet), you will have a DIY cupboard/room in your house where you have odd things like tools, paint brushes, tape measures, etc. Well, there is an amazingly cool paint can out there which is undistinguishable from other standard paint cans. However, this one has a special feature to it. There is a quart sized hidden compartment for you to stash your green! The best thing about this product is that it is perfectly weighted so even if it was picked up it wouldn’t feel empty, it would feel as if it were full of paint.

Flower Pot Diversion Safe by SafeInside

Sticking with the unsuspectingly secret compartment ideas, much like the DIY cupboard, every household usually has a couple of nice decorative flowers on the side or as a center piece to the dining table. A genius has thought of a way this can be disguised into an amazing place to put your stash while keeping your home looking beautiful! The flower pot safe has a compartment hidden away by flowers that can unscrew from the center. This compartment is specially designed to keep out all moisture, dirt, foliage, and most importantly anyone who wants to put their hands on your secret valuables!

Coca Cola Soda Can Diversion Safe Stash by Local

These are all great and clever weed containers, however my favorite of them all by a country mile is a beer/soda can diversion safe. I don’t care if you work for the CIA, there is not a chance that anyone will look in an unopened soda can to find the best of the best ganja. It's a great stash which you can have in plain sight and the cans come in all different brand names which look exactly like their counterparts. You just have to remember not to offer one to your friend as a thirst quenching beverage!

I have just touched on the tip of the iceberg of creative weed containers. Admittedly I have mainly aimed at the smaller products because if I am hiding something I prefer to hide it in 20 different places as opposed to one single place, that way (heaven forbid) if it did get found, they probably won't find every stash.

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Clever Weed Containers
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