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Christmas Gifts for Your Favorite Stoner

From smoking accessories, to pot-themed clothing, to decor, and so much more, Christmas gifts for your favorite stoner will be the least stressful present to find during the Holidays.

Finding Christmas gifts for your favorite stoner friend can be a fun scavenger hunt. There are tons of quirky stoner gifts out there that include everything from your smoking necessities to clothing and decor. When you know your friend’s interests include pot, it make the holidays all the less stressful—and to make matters even easier, I’ve already found some great gift ideas for any cannabis enthusiasts you may know. That stoner in your life will appreciate any and all of your pot-themed gifts, especially with Christmas right around the corner!

Edibles Cookbook by Uncommon Goods

The Edibles Cookbook by Uncommon Goods is a great choice, because making edibles or coming up with creative edible recipes (especially when you’re high) can be a challenge. This cookbook is the perfect gift for people who love pot brownies and can be extremely useful. Even if your stoner friends don’t normally eat edibles, this may inspire them to whip something up for the holidays.

Mini Graphic Ashtray by Urban Outfitters

This Mini Graphic Ashtray by Urban Outfitters is one of the well priced Christmas gifts for your favorite stoner. The ashtray says, “up in smoke” on the inside, and of course, all stoners need somewhere to ash their blunts. This can be a great idea for stocking stuffers for all of your stoner friends, if you have many, because it’s small and affordable, and makes a great stylish gift for any cannabis lover.

Cannabis Tincture Jars by Uncommon Goods

These Cannabis Tincture Jars by Uncommon Goods are a great decor item for any stoner in your life who appreciates the history behind cannabis. Each jar represents a historical type of cannabis before the prohibition of the substance in the early 1900s. This is a great gift idea for those who have a cool apartment or home and want to display them for their friends to see.

Marijuana Weed Leaf Sport Crew Socks by Zando

Another one of the best stoner gifts is these playful marijuana socks by Zando. These can be great stocking stuffers for all of your friends, and they come in many different colors as well. They have the pot leaf symbol displayed on the socks for a stylish and humorous look. Any cannabis enthusiast would proudly wear these socks through the streets.

Mary Jane's Necklace by Uncommon Goods

This necklace is a subtle tribute to the stoner in your life, and it is functional as well, because the necklace is a roach clip that allows you to smoke a blunt that is almost out without burning your fingers. It looks like a beautiful necklace to outsiders, but stoners will know what its practical use is. That makes this necklace the perfect stylish gift for your stoner girlfriend.

Best Herb Grinder by Kozo Grinders

An herb grinder is one of the best gifts for your favorite stoner, because every stoner loves smoking accessories. It is something you know they will use on a daily basis if they like to grind up their weed. You could also include a rolling tray and rolling paper in this gift if you wanted to give them the ultimate package deal.

Marijuana Leaf Dad Hat Baseball Cap by KBETHOS

Gifts for your stoner can also include clothing, because while smoking accessories like a crystal pipe or glass pipe may be more useful, those can be more expensive as well. Sometimes, as a friend, you want to keep your gifts a little cheaper and yet still be assured that your friend will enjoy it. This Marijuana Lead Baseball Cap by KBETHOS is a great gift idea, because all cannabis enthusiasts are sure to love it and wear it, and it won’t break the bank on your end. 

CBD Bitters by UncommonGoods

These CBD Bitters by UncommonGoods are great because they can turn any cocktail into a cannabis infused delight. These bitters come in many different flavors, and they are smell proof, so no one will have to know that there is cannabis involved. In fact, these CBD bitters do not have a psychoactive effect, but are best used to calm anxiety, inflammation, and insomnia. Sometimes, this is just what a stoner needs.

The Cannabis Spa at Home by Sandra Hinchliffe

Any cannabis enthusiast will surely appreciate this book by Sandra Hinchliffe, which features all kinds of DIY tips and tricks for how to make everything from cannabis infused lotions to candles to massage oils and beyond. Instead of choosing one perfect gift, this book is a great Christmas gift for your favorite stoner, because it will allow them to make everything their heart desires all on their own! Your stoner friends can even use this crafty book to make Christmas gifts for their stoner friends as well, and the Christmas cheer can be spread even further.

Cannabis Candle by Malin + Goetz

Now if you have some less than crafty stoner friends in your life, then buying them a cannabis candle may be a better option then just showing them how to make one. This cannabis candle by Malin and Goetz is a great gift for any stoner in your life. It has a fresh orange scent with hints of cannabis and plant extract in the background. This candle can be bought at Bloomingdale’s.

Whether you choose smoking accessories for a more practical gift or a more playful and decorative stocking stuffer, all of these Christmas gifts for your favorite stoner are sure to please. Thankfully, when you have a stoner friend in your life, you know exactly what they like and it makes shopping that much easier. 

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Christmas Gifts for Your Favorite Stoner
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