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Choosing Cannabis Suppliers and Their Strains


White cookies from hierba

Making Choices

When selecting a retail establishment to buy a strain of cannabis, you should always make sure that the retail outlet you have chosen is a reputable one. A few online sites that I frequently purchase from will be mentioned below for your review. If you like my suggestions, feel free to place an order or give them a visit. I guarantee quality products from everywhere I mention.

First Class Medicinal—FCM

This company carries very high-end flowers and concentrates from the following BC producers: Gastown, which is an amazing company for flower quality and Sultan of Solventless for concentrates. Yaletown Flowers and 6ixotics are also recommended. I have tried all of these companies and was completely satisfied with the quality of the items I purchased. At FCM, you must register before being able to order. They are very quick when it comes to shipping your order. You will pay for what you get, which is 100 percent quality. You can check out all of these companies on Instagram: @gastownfire @6ixotics @yaletown_flowers_co @sultanofsolventless.

Green Belt Healing

This is another mail order company that carries high-end items from the following British Columbia companies: High-Grade BC, Hierba, Dabomb Shatter, Squish Gang and Maple Leaf Extracts. The menu here is very detailed, allowing you to try almost anything your heart desires from Flowers, Shatter, PHO, Sauce, Diamonds, and Caviar. I just received a package from GreenBbelt and the delivery time was two days which brightened my morning. Check out the companies below on Instagram: @highgradebc, @hierba, @mapleleafextracts, @squishextractscanada.

Team Carnivore

This is a new mail order company but so far all I have seen is amazing quality products as well as some wonderful concentrates by Sticky Zoo and Mountain View Extracts. The buds come prepackaged in a peel top can that allows your buds to have up to a three-year shelf life. Check out both companies on Instagram to see their fire in action. @stickyzoo @mountainviewextracts

There are also individual companies such as Quad City, Seven Star, and Sweetleaf Concentrates that you are able to order from directly and all of their products are also amazing and can be found online.

Right now it is really hard to pick where to purchase from online as every company I have named has such a huge selection and are very high-end and reputable companies within the industry. They never put anything over the quality of their products.

Now once you have picked a company, you need to pick strains and items. When seeing some menus I'm sure you may feel confused as well as intimidated but don't be. Anything you choose will brighten your day.

BHO is concentrated version of flowers that have been soaked in a butane solution to release the cannabinoids. This is usually smoked in a rig or a vape but I have seen people top their bowls with it.

Rosin is made by extreme pressure while pressing down on flowers, which again, releases the liquid gold from the plant so basically, oil seeping out from the plant. This again is smoked usually in a rig or with a nectar collector or a vape.

There is also sauce, live resin, sap, wax, oil, diamonds, caviar, and shatter. None of these things should scare you. They are a clean and concentrated version of flower that is like no other.

Now you can not forget that there are three mother points: Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. These are classifications that determine the characteristics of your bud.

Sativa is known as the daytime bud. It is uplifting and will allow you to have a full day of activities and engagement.

Indica, also known as the bedtime buddy, will leave you feeling lifted, relaxed, carefree, and ready for sweet dreams and a night of downtime.

Hybrids come in many ratios: Sativa dominant and indicator dominant or balanced. You can decide what you want.

You should make sure that you store the concentrates at a cool temperature and your flowers in an airtight container.

My personal favorite strains are Cheese, Romulan, Pink anything and Kush. These four have been my go-to for a couple of years now as they are stable and delicious in every way and they are usually easy to find! 

High Grade BC Diamonds

Grease monkey goodness

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Choosing Cannabis Suppliers and Their Strains
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