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Cheese Candy by Green Brothers Farm

Rated 64 by The Cannafiles

I was at the local pot shop talking to Ms. Budtender about the latest selections, it was Cheese Candy that grabbed my attention. As she returned from replacing the product I’d already said no to, I asked her if maybe this was a cross between Cheese and Space Candy. She nodded and said that she thought it might be, but she couldn’t quite be sure.

I looked at the cellophane on the counter. The buds in the bag looked good. It seemed Green Brothers Farms did well. Cheese Candy—there’s cheese in the name so at the very least I knew there would be skunk in the genetics somewhere. I dropped my cash on the counter, bade Chloe Budtender a blessed day, and took Ms. Cheese Candy home to see what was up.

Later that evening, I learned there was a strain going by the name Cheese Candy Auto bred by Delicious Seeds. She came about from breeding together their auto strains of Cheese and Carmelo. According to the breeder, this cut can flower fast and lean either direction, sativa or indica. She’s predominately a blend of skunk, lavender, and an unknown ruderalis.

But the cut from Delicious Seeds that I found was an auto. The name on this bag was Cheese Candy, not Cheese Candy Auto. Further research showed that Delicious Seeds may have done a strain called Cheese Candy in which it is said to be Cheese and Carmelo, but I also found that to be a hybrid that goes by name of Delicious Candy. I looked at the bag from Green Brothers Farms and wondered… which cut of Candy was she?

Was there ruderalis in her genes? Did she flower fast and bloom on her own? Or did this cut, the one in the bag, hydroponically grown, did she bloom under a 12/12 cycle like all the rest of them? I stared at the bag, at the gorgeous trim on the buds inside, and I came to the conclusion that it didn’t matter. I ripped open the bag and dug in.

Out of the bag, they looked large, healthy, and frosted, those nugs. But pulling them apart, I can’t help but notice how dry they are. Breaking them apart, the product becomes powdery. This may be good for my kief-catcher in my grinder but I prefer weed that is plump and sticky and hydrated. These buds are frosty and light green with yellowish-orange pistils throughout the nugs, but there is not much of an aroma to speak of. Mostly grassy and sage-like. There is a soft hint of something else, reminds me of sweet skunk but it’s there and it's gone. There are lots of trichomes. Predominately milky white and opaque with only a handful appearing clear. After grinding there is a soft note of pine and berry. She packs into an owl okay but she’s powdery and dry, so she sticks to the oils on my fingers a bit.

Cheese Candy hits a little rough against the throat. Flavor is flat, mostly sage and reminiscent of an open field of grass. There is no sign or scent of skunk, or lavender for that matter. Burns hot; ash is dark gray and black. But there are some effects. She feels heady at first, right behind the eyes. There’s a gentle face tickle right away. But what flavor there was is gone by the fourth hit. The effects do start out nice though. Stoney and relaxing. There’s a soft chill to the body, but she definitely leans sativa, more heady and light. The skunk genetics are beginning to roll in gently upstairs, a bit of a lavender body seems to be there, but then it's gone with a whisper.

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Cheese Candy by Green Brothers Farm
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