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I was 17 years old and worked my butt off at school. I had a reasonable GPA (3.0) and worked part time at a local restaurant. After a year of working there I started smoking marijuana with one of my coworkers. We would smoke in the fridge, restrooms, the back(outside). Being that we would smoke wax out of a pen made it a lot easier to do so; we were always high on the job. It made our jobs much more enjoyable.

I went on a trip with a cousin of mine and on this trip to the river, I had told her we should get high. She agrees, and I go off to get my stuff and meet somewhere our families would not notice. My parents were super strict and so were hers so we were going to sneak off. I waited for about 10 minutes before I realized she probably chickened out so I just did it on my own. She did not say a word to me the rest of the day.

A week later I buy a brand new car and in celebration I go out with my cousin and her brother. She brings up we should get high and of course I agree. For one reason or the other she thinks too much about actually doing it, so it was just me and her brother who got high that night.

Fast forward a week and my mom suddenly starts to act weird. I didn't think much of it because, well, there was no way my mother knew I was smoking marijuana. I go off to work one day and when I come back I find my room has been torn apart and of course my pipe, pen, and lighters are gone. My mother and father confront me and make me feel horrible. I still did not know how they found out but didn't say anything. They keep asking me who I would smoke with but I never said anything because there was no reason to throw anybody under the bus. Until my dad says "well your cousin told us you have been smoking other stuff besides weed".

That was when I lost it. I had been outted by the person who kept telling me she wanted to smoke with me! Not only did she tell them about the weed but she also told them I was smoking more than just weed. After that I told them she was the one telling me she wanted to do it and not me trying to pressure her. Of course however, like any other teen who gets caught by their parents, they thought I was looking for a way out. Then things got worse, they told me that my cousin's brother was denying to ever have touched it and that I was just trying to bring them down with me. My cousin said I had told her that I couldn't go a day without smoking and that I couldn’t function if I wasn't high. So naturally my parents' first reaction was to put me into rehab. 

When I found out my cousins were lying saying they did not smoke with me I immediately told my parents to test us all (me to prove I was only smoking weed). After they tested us all, my cousins lost all of their credibility. One for denying they had smoked with me and the other for covering up and trying to say I was on harder drugs. I did not end up going to rehab, however, my parents took my phone, computer, car, made me quit my job and I was not allowed to step in my room – I had to sleep in the guest room and was never allowed to stay home alone for about a year. I believe the reason my cousin ratted me out was because her mom would always compare us both. She had no job, wasn’t going to school and did nothing productive and was already 20. 

Till this day she does not even make eye contact with me. She has deleted me off all social media and never comes over when her family does.