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My Parlay with Mary J!

Kai Storm
in Humor

I have to say that this blog is long over due. You see, in every blog post I write... wait a minute... let me back up a bit... in everything I write I give a piece of me, the real me. Depending on the...

Marvel Movie Guide for Stoners

David Lasher
in Humor

Who doesn’t smoke weed these days? It is very popular and people are enjoying their Mary Jane daily. Walk the streets of NYC and try not to smell it for 10 blocks. With all the stresses in people's li...

Stupid Stoner Fails

Bethany Tiamat
in Humor

When going down the list of the funniest stupid stoner fails, you find a few reoccurring patterns. People usually expose themselves to the law by being idiots or doing something incredibly immoral. Th...

Couch Exercises for Stoners

Wendy Weedler
in Humor

Exercise. Whether you love it or you hate it, one thing’s for sure: you need it. So for all my fellow potheads out there, here is a list of several activities to perform from the comfort of your own h...

Most Ridiculous Anti-Drug PSAs

Ami Roach
in Humor

There are great ways of selling the message "Stay away from drugs, kids!" but anti-drugs public service announcements, or PSAs, really aren’t it. Ridiculous and hysterical, you can only take these ser...

Greatest Marijuana Quotes of All Time

Danielle Banner
in Humor

Ganja, reefer, pot, green gold, sticky icky, skunk, tree. There’s a million different ways to say it, and there’s a million different ways to smoke it, but there’s still one major problem with the bub...

Rules of Weed Etiquette

Potent Staff
in Humor

Years ago only a small clique of degenerates smoked marijuana. Now smoke rises from all segments of society. Once the exclusive delight of musicians and lower criminal classes, marijuana is now enjoye...

How to Ask for Weed in Foreign Languages

Hydro Wilson
in Humor

"Getting there is half the fun," is a philosophy that never gets old. For today's potheads traveling to distant destinations for vacation, the other half is getting high once you've gotten there. But ...

Best Situations to Vape

Potent Staff
in Humor

Vaping has become the most versatile way to get baked. Cumbersome, smelly pipes and lighters have taken a backseat to the easy portability and electronically charged convenience of the vaporizer. What...

God Grows His Own Ganja

Ed Green
in Humor

“And God said let the earth bring forth grass, and the earth brought forth grass, and God saw that it was good." - Genesis... something or other. What does God have to say about marijuana? For a long ...

Caught Smuggling Marijuana

Aunt Mary
in Humor

I was talking to my good friend "the worm," whom I met because he was working as the worm in the bottom of the Mexican tequila bottles from which I was liberally drinking when they came in. I knew rig...

History of the Marijuana Lab Mouse

Sigmund Fried
in Humor

Nobody says you have to sit Shiva, but it's sad when the mouse you got high eventually dies. The laboratory mouse is like a small friend. Mammal of the Rodentia classification, bred specifically for s...