The most popular topic since prohibition.

Cannabis and Native Americans

Hyapatia Lee
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Native Americans have always respected and used “teaching plants.” By far the most commonly used and most beneficial plant is cannabis or marijuana. Whether it was smoked or eaten, its use has been ve...

How to Make Cannabutter

Aunt Mary
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The process of how to make cannabutter is something of an enigma in weed culture. Everyone has their own tricks and tips, and everyone seems to get different results. In fact, it’s this last aspect of...

How to Cover Up the Smell of Marijuana

Ed Green
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If you’ve ever been around high-quality weed, you know one thing: it has a potent smell that can fill a room and stick around for days. If you’re going to be smoking (or vaping), there is no getting a...

How to Keep Your Stash Fresh

Ami Roach
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The question of how to keep your stash fresh is as potent as man's perpetual quest to live forever. The thought of eternal bliss enters the mind and touches the soul. Is there a fountain of youth in t...

Creative Ways to Use Your Marijuana Stems

Aunt Mary
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According to our stoner code, it is a crime to throw away stems. Stems are a pot of gold as they are so versatile that throwing them away is just foolish. Any good stoner should know that stems can be...

How to Become a Budtender

Hydro Wilson
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Never underestimate what it takes to become a budtender because it's not as easy as smoking a joint. When it comes to budtenders, cannabis isn't recreational, it's healing. After interpreting the foll...

Everything You Need to Know About Hotboxing

Johnny Hash
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Everything you need to know about hotboxing is right here. Hotboxing is a time-honored tradition among tokers, and it is an experience worth trying out at least once (as long as you are well-prepared)...

What is Yage?

Frank White
in Culture

An Amazonian Indian paddles a heavy canoe downriver, deep in the hold of South America. The Tunchis, spirits of the dead, call out to him in the medium of bird whistles from the jungle banks. Chullach...

Interview with 'Ganjaman' Creator Jim Stewart

Natasha Sydor
in Culture

Ganjaman is a superhero of an atypical strain, but a superhero nonetheless; this part-cannabis plant, part-human dynamo has been fighting "for the rights of tokers" since UK based creator Jim Stewart ...

Alcoholics Anonymous Rejects Medical Marijuana, Almost Supported LSD, and How Joe Rogan Could Have Clipped My Nuts

Mike Adams
in Culture

A few weeks ago I was sitting at my desk, typing away at yet another shit stirring story over the perils of marijuana prohibition, when I received a Twitter notice from one of my readers claiming that...

Who Is the Stoner Generation?  

Jeremy Frommer
in Culture

It's exhausting. When you feel like you've done just about everything there is to do in a town like America you suddenly (or gradually) realize you are tired. Wasted? I've just finished suffering thro...

Rise and Fall of Cannabis Culture in Amsterdam

Wendy Weedler
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Years ago, if you imagined a place that embraces unrestricted self-expression, a place unencumbered by narrow-minded norms and conservative legislation, what might have instantly popped into your mind...

Mushrooms In Bali

Sigmund Fried
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It is that time before dawn when the sky is still dark. Awakening to the sense that the sun is coming, feeling the chill of the wind that travels round the earth with the sun, I rise, smelling the sce...

LSD Guru Tim Leary Interview

Potent Staff
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Timothy Leary burst into the limelight, amid a shower of controversy. While members of the left debated whether or not he fingered friends and associates in order to obtain his recent release from pri...

How to Travel With Weed

Aunt Mary
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Traveling with weed is actually easier today then it was in the late 20th century. Technology has certainly played a part, but attitudes at security checks have eased as regards to weed. The combinati...

Marijuana High Life

Amber Ryan
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Hello, my name is Amber & I am a stoner. Marijuana motivates me. It keeps me on my toes. My daily routine includes drinking about a half a pot of coffee & smoking several tokes of marijuana while I th...