The most popular topic since prohibition.

Author Believes Marijuana Legalization Should Proceed Carefully

Rich Monetti
in Culture

Marijuana legalization can engender an image of the drug’s laid back disciples who will tend their little plots around daily smokes circles, while lamenting the loss of the counterculture. Then waitin...

Best Stoner Reggae Songs

Ray Shikinami
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When it comes to stoners, one stereotype is that they love reggae. Perhaps that's just because there is nothing better to listen to while high than a good reggae song. The rhythm is enough to pull you...

How to Make BHO Edibles

Annie Kiely
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As marijuana use becomes more mainstream, different ways of serving and ingesting cannabis products continue to emerge. If you've mastered the standard cannabutter process and are looking for a new ty...

Interview with James Thomas of Silver Stem Fine Cannabis

Willie's Reserve
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Why Cannabis? I have always felt Cannabis was unfairly condemned by the government as well as liquor and pharmaceutical industry lobbyists. After all, this is just a plant we are talking about. We are...

Who Was Fitz Hugh Ludlow?

Frank White
in Culture

I was never particularly interested in 19th-century literature. There were so many things our English teachers didn't tell us, especially when it came to the counterculture underground books of the Vi...

Literature and Marijuana: Counter-Culture History Through the Years

Anthony Gramuglia
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America's literary counter-culture movement began after the Mexican Revolution in 1910, when those to our South came northward, and, in turn, brought their natural relaxant with them: marijuana. Grant...

Cannabis Monday: Medical Sesh

Erica Fuller
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“In strict medical terms, marijuana is far safer than many foods we commonly consume. For example, eating 10 raw potatoes can result in a toxic response. By comparison, it is physically impossible to ...

Old Stoner Stereotypes That Are Fading (and Why)

Shinji Kazuma
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Stoner stereotypes have existed since the beginning of the subculture. Back in the early 30s, Reefer Madness forewarned that, if you smoked pot, you—yes, you, straight-laced perfect child—will turn in...

Places In New York City To Get Stoned

Ed Green
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What to do in New York City with some weed to burn, some gummy bears to chew, and a stoner's curiosity? There is no single answer. For as many strains as the mind can imagine there are an equal amount...

Marijuana Teens' Drug Of Choice For Anxiety, Depression

Christina St-Jean
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It may come as little surprise that teens start experimenting with marijuana in their early adolescence. Some might argue that it's nearly a rite of passage for many, as there appears to be a growing ...

Are You Pissing Off Your Dealer?

Hydro Wilson
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You know, a weed dealer can have their faults, like not answering your calls, having seeds and stems in your stash, not using a scale to measure your weed, and the jaw-dropping, untimely cannabis drou...

Ways to Add Cannabis to Your Coffee

Mitch Curran
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Can you think of anything better to add to your coffee for a relaxing start to your day than cannabis? Me neither. Coffee is the first stop that many people make after getting up in the morning. It ge...

Things to Avoid During a Smoke Sesh

Johnny Hash
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There is nothing better than finding a free night to relax with a few friends and share a joint and some laughs. But having the perfect session involves preparing the right crew and creating the perfe...

Ways to Ingest Marijuana and Their Affects on You

Sigmund Fried
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The recent wave of change regarding marijuana legalization has resulted in the testing of many different ways to consume marijuana. However, many people don’t know the difference between the various w...

Olympians Who Support Weed

Wendy Weedler
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While states in the US are legalizing marijuana use, it still retains its illegality in many countries and in many states in the US. This, however, hasn’t stopped plenty of Olympic athletes from speak...

Small Ways Weed Can Improve Your Relationship

Dr. Harmon Love
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Marijuana is currently the world’s most popular drug for both recreational and medicinal use, and one of the many reasons for this is that weed can improve your relationship. Numerous studies have bee...