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Cannabis Penny Stocks You Should Watch

Want to join in the Green Rush? Check out these cannabis penny stocks you can buy on the cheap.

If there's one thing I'm seriously passionate about, it's teaching others to invest in the stock market. Investing is the easiest way to make your money work for you and see returns in both the long and short run. Part of the fun of investing in the stock market is that you get to discover cool companies that you can help out. 

With the Green Boom in full swing, more and more cannabis companies are getting added to stock exchanges. Many cannabis stocks out there trade high, with prices regularly ranging from $12 a share to upwards of $100. That's enough to price out many casual investors. 

Thankfully, these cannabis penny stocks definitely are more affordable. Do your due diligence, and you'll soon find which of these stocks are the best picks for you. 

Terra Tech (OTC: TRTC)

Terra Tech is one of the most well-known cannabis penny stocks to be based in the United States. This company is geared toward the cultivation and breeding of high-quality medical-grade cannabis, with a handful of different subsidiaries under its belt.

With the benefits of medical marijuana becoming increasingly known in the mainstream, Terra Tech is poised to be a top performer in upcoming years. 

Medical Marijuana (OTC: MJMA)

If you want to be a bit of a blunt investor when it comes to adding some green into your portfolio, why not invest in the Medical Marijuana company? This corporation currently trade on the OTC markets and focuses on cannabis and hemp by-products. 

Several subsidiaries belong to them, including KannaWay and Phyto Animal Health. As of the time of this writing, MJMA is currently worth 10 cents per share, making it a very affordable pick. 

GreenGro Techs (OTC: GRNH)

GreenGro Techs is one of the more obscure cannabis penny stocks we'll point out, but they absolutely have a lot of potential for an improvement in stock price. This company specializes in creating quality supplies for cannabis cultivation—both indoor and outdoor grow operations. 

The Balance pointed out that GreenGro Techs currently is one of the most likely cannabis stocks to boom. So, if you want to get in on the ground floor and also make a profit, this might be a good choice. 

Who knows? In a couple of years, they could end up being the next Scotts MiracleGro. 

Namaste Technologies (CNSX: N or OTC: NXTTF)

Love a groovy-sounding company? Check out Namaste Technologies, one of the popular pot stocks in North America. Admittedly, this one transcends the dollar threshold of a traditional penny stock, but it's still very affordable compared to most other marijuana stocks out there.

At around $1.87 (Canadian) per share, we're going to include this medical marijuana company as one of the more interesting cannabis penny stocks out there. 

CV Sciences (OTC: CVSI)

CV Sciences is a business that is totally dedicated to bringing out the benefits of safe, legal cannabidiol. Since their product is legal on a national level and can be produced using hemp if necessary, CV Sciences has a little more stability than many other cannabis penny stocks out there. 

Stock investors looking to bolster American business will also be happy to hear that they are a Las Vegas-based company. 

MassRoots (OTC: MSRT)

Another American company dabbling in the cannabis stock market is MassRoots, which provides medical marijuana, education guides, and edible goodies to people who have a prescription in the United States. 

The company appears to be in good health and currently works to advocate for medical marijuana throughout the country. Right now, they are trading in at 37 cents a share.

Naturewell (OTC: AMMJ)

Formerly known as American Cannabis Consulting, Naturewell has been steadily climbing as one of the top consulting groups totally dedicated to the "green industry." They also are one of the first publicly-traded consulting companies on this list.

This company is a full-service consulting group that dedicates itself to helping other marijuana-related companies succeed. Right now, they currently just squeak in under $1 per share. 

Players Network (OTC: PNTV)

Part pot farm and part television company, Players Network is one of the oldest cannabis penny stocks still being traded. This decades-old company dabbles in a little bit of everything, from media to cannabis cultivation—and often provides a mixture of both. 

If you love the "gangsta" appeal of certain stocks, you might end up being a believer in Players Network. At the time of this writing, a single share of this stock rests at 8 cents a pop. 

Marijuana Co. of America (OTC: MCOA)

If you're looking for one of the cheapest cannabis penny stocks on the market, then look no further than Marijuana Co of America. This penny stock is only 3 cents per share right now, but looks like it might be ready to grow soon enough. 

The Marijuana Co. of America recently unveiled a new series of CBD pet drops and a new range of turn-key services to fellow legal cannabis companies. This stock is relatively new, since it was founded in 2015. 

Room for growth is definitely there.

Indoor Harvest (OTC: INQD)

Those who have ever taken the time to grow weed inside their home will tell you that it's not an easy task to do. Indoor Harvest is primarily dedicated to creating products that make growing weed inside easier and making quality medical treatments. 

Currently, the company is going through a brand relaunch—so it's not fully certain what the future looks like. Either way, it's 18 cents a share and that could be an okay risk for some folks. 

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Cannabis Penny Stocks You Should Watch
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