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Can Magic Mushrooms Heal Anxiety and Depression?

Magic mushrooms are definitely a trippy drug, but can magic mushrooms heal anxiety and depression? See for yourself.

The psilocybin mushroom, a.k.a., magic mushroom or shrooms are among the drugs that people like to use. Shrooms is a fungi that contains a natural compound of psychedelic. Many mushrooms include Psilocybin — approximately 180 species.

Even though the drug is illegal, people still use it. It's no surprise — people still smoke pot in states where it's still illegal. However, even though shrooms make you hallucinate in unbelievable ways, people use it therapeutically — I'll get into that in a moment.

In the past, magic mushrooms were used in religious and spiritual rituals — I can see why. The effectiveness of this powerful drug can do many things to the human body. Not only does it cause you to see objects and other forms that aren't real, but it can do positive things to your mental state, as well. See how magic mushrooms heal anxiety and depression.

What does the drug actually do?

You can either eat the entire shroom as a whole or put them within foods or meals like peanut butter. People have used shrooms as a form of tea, too. But almost everyone who has tried magic mushrooms can all agree that the taste is terrible. That's why the majority of those people eat them with other foods to mask the horrible taste.

After you've eaten a good amount of shrooms, you're in for a wild ride. What's mostly known is that you can fall right into a "dream." It feels like you're dreaming, but you're wide awake. The hallucinations start coming in — which makes the experience feel like a dream. You'd start to see things that you believed you can only witness in a dream — crazy, right? Some people even experienced emotional changes while on the drug — either it can go really good, or you're panicking and everything starts to go down hill.

The effectiveness lasts for about an hour and a half, depending on how much you ate. And during that hour and a half, you can relieve some of the mental disorders that you've been struggling with. See how magic mushrooms heal anxiety and depression.

Can magic mushrooms heal anxiety?

Some of us have anxiety — I definitely have a lot of anxiety going through me almost everyday. You either get anxious from a certain cause or you just can't explain why you have it — like me. And having anxiety literally kills any mood you had a second ago. It's like going from 100 to zero faster than lightening. However, do magic mushrooms heal anxiety and depression? Can it cure that horrible anxiety that keeps picking on you?

Yes! It's actually a known fact that ingesting shrooms can get rid of that horrible anxiety you deal with almost daily. A study that was published in the Archives of General Psychiatry by researchers from UCLA discovered that giving low doses of psilocybin has improved moods as well as reducing anxiety of 12 late-stage terminal cancer patients over a certain period of time. While these patients were suffering from anxiety as well as other mental disorders, other medications didn't budge it — at all.

So, each patient was given either a pure dose of psilocybin or a placebo and reported the levels of anxiety over the next few months. Overall, those who were given the psilocybin reported that their anxiety levels reduced tremendously at one to three months while taking it. Their anxiety levels dropped within one month of taking psilocybin — proof!

Can shrooms help with depression, too?

Now that we know shrooms definitely helps those suffering with anxiety, it wouldn't be a shocker that the psilocybin within shrooms will help with depression issues, as well.

Good news: it does! According to Dr. Mark Bolstridge, a clinical psychiatrist and honorary research associate at UCL, he mentions that psilocybin in shrooms can have better affects on those with depression than a regular medication. Since those suffering with depression aren't responding to the medication that focuses on curing depression, like anti-depressants — it was decided to use psilocybin. Psilocybin in shrooms is an active chemical that causes the person to hallucinate and ease down mental illnesses, because "it triggers a sub-type of serotonin receptor in the brain."

Patients dealing with severe depression were given two doses of psilocybin every two weeks. A man who was diagnosed with depression mentioned how psilocybin worked much better than the regular anti-depressants he'd take that didn't work at all. He also mentioned that "he no longer feels depressed and felt 'very, very positive' after the treatment." If this isn't enough proof that magic mushrooms can heal depression, then I don't know anything.

Now that you know magic mushrooms heal anxiety and depression, would it be a terrible idea to test it yourself? No — by all means, if you're suffering with either anxiety or depression, or both, ingesting shrooms can be one of the better options out there. Maybe even grow your own magic mushrooms right at home?

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Can Magic Mushrooms Heal Anxiety and Depression?
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