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Can CBD Oil Help Relieve Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain is a major issue for millions of people, who need to rely on medication to be able to go on with their normal life.

However, synthetic painkillers are also known for their side effects and they are also not considered safe to use long term. This is why more and more people and physicians are looking into alternative pain treatments with fewer side effects, one of them being hemp oil.

Hemp oil has shown a lot of promise for people who have arthritis, injury-related pain and other types of chronic pain. One of the biggest advantages of using CBD oil is that it also doesn’t cause the same kind of dependency, as pharmaceutical pain medication do.

Plant-based treatments such as turmeric and frankincense have also been used for a long time against pain. Cannabidiol is also one kind of natural treatments that have been used for a long time as a pain medication. However, only until recently, it was acknowledged by the medical sector and is now being prescribed in different kinds of conditions, including chronic pain.

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil is extracted from the plant known as Cannabis Sativa. It is slightly taller than Cannabis Indica and it contains high amounts of CBD while containing almost no trace at all of the psychoactive compound THC. Hemp plants are grown for various uses, including medical use. The plant itself grows relatively fast, which makes it very eco-friendly and sustainable.

How can CBD reduce pain?

Until now, there was not enough scientific information about how CBD and THC affect pain in the body. Now it is known, that there are at least two receptors in the brain that interact with compounds of cannabis and get the effects that are visible. THC is known to generate a euphoric feeling, by attaching to the CB1 receptor. However, CBD, which contains no THC compound at all, attaches to the CB2 receptors and they generate other kinds of effects, one of them being improved pain management.

CBD has a very powerful effect on neuropathic pain. Neuropathic pain is the pain of the nerves, which might be caused by a peripheral nerve injury or other causes. When CB2 receptors are activated by CBD, many pathways that ease pain are activated also. This can even be beneficial in conditions such as MS, fibromyalgia, and diabetes.

Some research shows that CBD can also engage with glycerin receptors, which are part of the central nervous system. These receptors are located in different parts of the brain and the spinal cord. A person with chronic pain and inflammation might have these receptors completely disabled, which leads to a higher sensation of pain. CBD is able to reactivate these receptors and thereby ease the pain.

What are the benefits of CBD to manage chronic pain?

Until recently, cannabis has been known as something people use to get high. However, after it was accepted as a legitimate treatment for medical purposes, cannabis has become much more than that! There are many positive effects it has on the body, one of them is its ability to relax muscles.

Improves Mobility

With relaxed muscles, body movements are much easier. This is especially beneficial for those who have chronic pain, but nonetheless, want to remain active and practice yoga or other exercises. This helps them build muscles and naturally ease their pain. It is recommended to use CBD before and after a workout.


CBD can also decrease pain hypersensitivity, something that is very beneficial for those who have extensive pain, caused by a condition such as fibromyalgia. This not only interferes with the daily activities of the patient, but it can also lead to sleep disorders and mood changes. Treating this kind of pain with CBD not only reduces pain sensitivity, but it also improves the quality of sleep and the general mood of the patient, which makes it ideal for chronic pain.

Helps with Sleep and Depression

As mentioned, CBD helps fibromyalgia patients with their sleep disorders, but CBD can also generally help people who have difficulties falling asleep or staying asleep. It encourages rest and improves sleep, allowing the body to heal overnight.

As a mood changer, CBD can also be used in those who have depression, especially if it’s a depression caused by chronic pain. It is normal for those suffering a chronic condition to get depressed about not being able to go on with life the way they are used to. CBD can trigger the release of serotonin and other chemicals in the body that make us happy, and it numbs the brain receptors that contribute to feeling low and depressed.

Reduces Anxiety

CBD is also beneficial in helping you calm down your nerves and remain grounded. It is therefore also used for patients who have anxiety disorders and generally irrational fear, that becomes overwhelming to them. Cannabis might have been used for these purposes, however, the THC content in cannabis is also known to trigger the opposite effect and lead to paranoia and anxiety. Since CBD doesn’t have any THC compounds, it is, therefore, a better alternative and it also doesn’t have the addictive component, such as Xanax or Benzos do.

Other Benefits

Apart from all these benefits, CBD can also be used for those who have post-traumatic stress disorder, it controls neuropathic pain and is also anti-inflammatory. In fact, chronic inflammations are known to cause severe pain and tissue damage. For those who need to fight this, CBD offers immediate relief without presenting any damage to the body long-term. In these cases, it is recommended to use CBD daily for even better results.

Just as it has versatile benefits, CBD itself is also highly versatile and can be used topically, but it can also be ingested. It doesn’t feel like medicine, and can also be used on foods and drinks and still provide the same effect. People with chronic pain who have been medicating know how difficult it can be to take pills on a daily bases or regularly have to get injections. With CBD, this is all unnecessary as there are so many ways of taking it in. 

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