Blue Fire by 420 Natural

Rated 77 by The Cannafiles

Blue Fire blends together a pair of old school favorites, Blueberry and Sour Diesel. A hodge-podge of mostly Afghani and Thai genetics. Blueberry was probably most notably made famous through the DJ Short Blueberry line. Sour Diesel is a genetic soup of Skunk, Afghani, Mexican, Columbian, and American strains. You can only wonder at what sort of effects are in store. You could be couched. You could be a little dizzy. You’ll definitely be warm and fuzzy.

The pistils on these buds look like reddish-brown eyelashes and the leaf has three different shades of green. All of it is frosted over with trichomes. There’s four nugs in this bag and they all look tasty. The trim is fairly tight on these buds, which surprises me because of how long those pistils are.

Under the scope there appears to be more trichomes than plant material, almost like a crystalline web of translucent and milk-white. Most stalks look healthy and have heads intact.

Popping open the bag and it’s hard not to notice the waft of skunk on the air. It’s a wonderful invitation to shove my nose into the bag and take a deep inhale. There’s a heavy layer of earthy pine enveloping that skunk note. Outside of the bag I get a light scent of diesel. Breaking apart the buds and the scent of fuel intertwines with the sweet skunk aroma floating in the air. Grinding her up and she doesn’t get any more complex beyond that.

Buds feel a touch dry. I hear them crunch as I break them apart. All those beautiful trichomes and they don’t feel sticky at all. She grinds up a bit powdery but rolled up just fine. There wasn’t too much powdery leaf stuck to my fingers when I light her up.

She starts out very sweet with an almost hash-like taste. There’s a musty layer to an earthen pine flavor. The fuel or diesel notes don’t come through, but you feel it in the lungs. For me personally, I’ve always had a full-lung feeling or what could only be described as an expanding sensation when smoking diesel strains. And Blue Fire does not disappoint. She’s easy on the throat but definitely has a gentle push on the lungs. She hits smooth, tastes clean, and burns consistent through the first half of the spliff. Deeper in and she’s getting notably more sour tasting. But sour in a good way. It is definitely a hint at her Sour D genetics. But beyond that she’s starting to smoke a bit bitter, a touch hot.

Blue Fire has me rocked in the head at the moment. I have a fantastic fuzz going on. Very warm and tingly. There’s a touch relaxation to the body, but mostly I have a heavy head sensation. This is the Blueberry portion for me as I typically get the feeling I’m wearing a helmet when I smoke Blueberry. I’m feeling that now; and I’m also getting a nice elevation to my mood. There’s a beautiful clarity to this stone. We’ll see how long that’ll last. Still, I feel focused at the outset. Deeper into the experience, I feel her slide into the body. Still focused, but not as alert. My eyes feel a touch heavier, slightly lidded. She’s setting into the body now, relaxing and melting the muscles in my back. As this glide continues, I feel a touch stonier, a tad sedated. 

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Blue Fire by 420 Natural
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