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Blue Dream—a classic hybrid of Blueberry and Haze hailing from California. Strains like Blue Dream have been around for a long time, over the years become prone to different cuts hitting the market. Folks tend to forget that cannabis is a living biological organism that is prone to variation, not a manufactured product to become templated and stamped out, one by one by one by one. Certainly plants these days are clones cut from mothers and are genetically exact replicas. But each strain will have its own unique quality, dependent upon the conditions with which it is grown and cared under. Though the flower might share the same name with her cousins, she may have different genetic qualities present. Blue Dream up in Seattle grown by one guy might be a different variety than the one grown by the dude down in San Francisco.

The East Coast?

Forget about it.

The first cut of Blue Dream I had the pleasure of smoking on I remember having a heaviness to the body and a lightness to the head. Very sweet berry for the predominant flavors. There were also stonier effects rolling along in what you might expect from the Blueberry line, those being the more dominant Indica genetics over the Sativa Haze portion. These days, or at the very least, the cuts of Blue Dream I’ve had a chance to smoke on lately seem to be stronger along the Haze side of the family, with flavor and effects echoing that of Mexican and Thai Sativas. Stronger punches of citrus and a pungent earthiness are the mark of most Haze strains.

This is why I love taking notes.

Every strain has its own unique quality and more often than not strains will change and adjust over time, allowing for slightly different experiences. And consider how a strain grows for each grower. The very same plant will come out two very different ways when under the care of two very different growers, each with armed with their own program. One guy may use Advanced Nutrients, another guy runs his crop with his very own compost tea.

Same strain, two very different results.

Blueberry typically has strong Afghani Indica genetics and Haze pulls together Sativa genes from Mexico, Columbia, Thailand, and India. Haze generally has a citrus earthiness to its taste with a high that makes the head swim in puddles of joyous ecstasy. Which when it comes down to it is exactly what Blue Dream is all about.

It’s a wonderful equalizer of moods. As someone who lives with bipolar depression, Blue Dream’s effects have always been a godsend, mana from Heaven, sent to balance my madness. Whether it be uplifting enough to get my ass out of bed or relaxing enough to pull my head out of the clouds, either way, Blue Dream is a wonderful strain that has helped me personally defend against all of life’s negative arrows. With a nice chill stone on, I’m able to block every arrow with simple gestures of, “Whatever,” and “It’s cool.”

Each strain has its own unique quality.

Every cut, more so.

From grower to grower, region to region.

This Blue Dream is not that Blue Dream.

And don’t forget that harvest date.

And so here is Blue Dream as grown by Northwest Cannabis Solutions under the brand “Legends.” They have a very large operation here in Washington state. Their Blue Dream and Green Crack are staple products in many shops here in the Pacific Northwest. My jar has nice sized nugs contained within. Lovely colors on these buds. A few lighter greens but darker shades of green throughout. Lots of visible orange and yellow pistils. Smells very leafy and woodsy. Fair amount of frost on the leaf but the bud feels dry and crispy. Trichomes look healthy; fully stalked with heads. Appears to have a nice 50/50 balance of clear and opaque trichomes.

Breaking up the buds reveal a softer pine aroma hidden under a layer of sweet sage with just a hint of sandalwood. The Haze is definitely the dominant aspect in this bud, you can tell just by the aroma; I’m hoping the blueberry shows up in the smoke to sweeten the taste. The bud is pretty dry and grinds easy, leaving a layer of kiefy powder in the grinder. Packs well and doesn’t stick to the finger. Hits smooth but tingles across the inside of the mouth and across the tongue. There is not much flavor to speak of. I taste some flat sage and pine trying to come through but failing.

Heady though.

You feel the effects right away. Blam—to the head. Stoney and hazy all at once. Soft fuzz around the edges but not a lot of action in the muscles. Still, it has a pleasant, heady, happy effect to the mind.

Ash burns down to a fine powder but is dark gray in color. The effects are nice but there’s no hang-time. Fifteen minutes after burning down the bowl, my head is clear, my pipe is empty, and I’m looking to get high.


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