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Best Weed Smoking Games to Play with Your Smoke Buddies

If you haven't played these weed smoking games, you're missing out.

Weed culture is one that is designed to be a bit relaxed and happy-go-lucky. Marijuana's most common side effect is relaxation with a side of giddiness, so it only makes sense that stoner culture tends to reflect that in every aspect out there. 

If you have a stoner girlfriend or a bunch of stoner buddies, you already know how true this is. Between all the typical sessions involving trippy stoner movies or leafing through stoner books, once in a while, it's hard not to feel at your best when you're lit.

Once in a while, you should spice things up with a game. It makes things lively. Weed smoking games like the ones below are a great way to add a little liveliness to your sessions—or just prove that you can be a perfect session buddy. 

Mentioning Marijuana

One of the easiest weed smoking games you can play also tends to be one of the only games you can play solo. Mentioning Marijuana is really simple. All you have to do is watch a movie and take a hit every time someone mentions pot. 

Yeah, it's basically like 90 percent of all the drinking games you played outside of college. Deal with it. 

Last Man Standing

If you're looking for weed games that are all about overindulgence, you're going to love this one! For Last Man Standing, all you need to do is smoke as much as possible—until you can't smoke anymore. You just need to focus on taking a hit and passing the joint around until it's just too much. 

Expect to get wasted, big time. 

Ghost That Hit

People who want to test their lung capacity will find this to be one of the most challenging weed smoking games out there. The game is simple, really. 

All the players sit in a circle and inhale a puff of smoke. Then, they hold their breath and pass the joint on their left. You need to hold your breath until the joint gets passed back to you. 


You know that classic card game, blackjack? Greenjack is one of the many weed smoking games that requires a deck of cards to play—and it's one of the best. With this game, whoever gets closest to 21 without going over has to take a hit. 

Some also play it by adding drinking into the game. If you score over 21, you have to drink a beer. Needless to say, this minor gaming tweak is enough to make most people sky high. 

Bong Pong

If you've gone to college, you've played beer pong at least once. Bong pong is basically the same thing, with a little hint of cannabis thrown into the mix. You fill up a bunch of cups of beer, and throw a ping pong ball in the cup. 

Should you land one in a cup, you drink the beer and take a hit of weed. Is this one of the more juvenile weed smoking games? Absolutely. But, it's also one of the most fun. 

Hit It to the Beat

Most people have a favorite stoner song or two in their arsenal, right? Of course we do! If you want to play Hit It to the Beat, it's really easy to do. Just inhale every time the singer utters a codeword. Some of the best weed smoking games of this variety include:

  • Hitting your joint every time Bob Marley says "jamming" in "Jammin.'
  • Smoking every time you hear Sean Paul sing "we be burnin'" in the song by the same name. 
  • Every time Galantis says "you and I" in the song "Runaway."


Medusa is one of the most hilarious weed smoking games you can try. For this one, all the players sit at a table with their heads down on the table with their own joints ready. Then, on the count of three, they all immediately snap up to attention and look at someone else. 

If no one's looking at you, you don't have to take a hit. If you do have someone look you in the eye, you yell "MEDUSA!" and have to take a hit. If everyone's looking at you, you're going to be very baked. 

Never Have I Ever

Chances are that you've played this as a drinking game in college. If not, it's easy. You all have to say something that you've never done, in the format of "Never have I ever..." Anyone who has done that action needs to drink. 

To try this as one of many good weed smoking games, just take a hit rather than a drink. Assuming that we all have a friend like Glenn Quagmire, you will have at least one pal who will be pretty stoned. 

Keep a Straight Face

Stoners love to have lots of giggly moments, and that's what makes Keep a Straight Face such a hard game. Each person has 10 seconds to make all other parties laugh. If anyone laughs, they have to take a puff. If you can't make anyone laugh, you have to inhale. 

Name That Tune

Name That Tune is one of the more difficult weed smoking games, simply because most of us can't remember anything when we're baked. This game is a lot like the Name That Tune TV show they used to play. 

Each player has to play a certain song clip—the more obscure, the better. Then, every player has to make a guess as to which song it is. Those who don't guess correctly have to take a puff. 

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Best Weed Smoking Games to Play with Your Smoke Buddies
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