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Best Stoner Rap Songs

The ultimate list of the best stoner rap songs will bump louder than the herb you'll be smoking.

Wiz and a bong rip. Drake and a joint. Snoop and a mouthful of freshly-baked edibles. Nothing goes better with a bowl of fresh greens than the smooth flow of rap. Smokers worldwide strive to create the greatest playlist to listen to while high. Rather than scavenge for hours to find just the right song to go with your blunt, sit back and smoke away––the hard work is already done.

“Because I Got High” by Afroman

From first-timers to stoner gods, Afroman’s 2000 hit single is every cannabis confidant’s smoking anthem, and the first entry on our best stoner rap songs list. Held in the same regard as the First Testament and the Declaration of Independence (there, I said it!), this revolutionary rap outlines the true reason behind everyone’s miscues: because you got high, because you got high, because you got hiiiiigh.

“How to Roll a Blunt” by Redman

Plain and simple, you can’t claim to be a true marijuana master without knowing how to roll a blunt. There’s something about the feeling of the slimy resin left on your fingers after rolling a fat bleezy that few things in life can emulate. From purchasing the finest Philly blunt wraps to drying the shaft of your first herbal stogie, Redman takes you through the simple steps to ganja greatness. You’ll be left licking your fingers for a much different reason as you kick back and listen to this wise rap. Stoner rap, that is.

“White Iverson” by Post Malone

Talk about great vibes. The most important aspect of a truly great song to listen to while high, this rap’s smooth feeling is like no other. The soothing tone of Post Malone’s angelic chorus might force us to question whether Jesus resurrected once again to provide us with perfect rap music while we sin. Coincidentally, or not depending on if you’re a believer, Post Malone resembles a 1980’s washed out Jesus look-alike as his braided hair is almost as long as the joints he probably rolled before writing this rap.

“Kush is my Cologne” by Gucci Mane

What natural smell would attract more women in a second than any artificial fragrance on the market? The pungent, pure smell of marijuana. Kush, the strongest smelling strain of cannabis, has been rumored to excite the female anatomy with a simple whiff of the overpowering savory goodness. Bask in the refreshing sensation of ganja glory as the smell of the smoke you’re exhaling is the same as the scent coming out of your armpits. Take notes Axe and Old Spice, Gucci Mane just put the next best-selling cologne aka stoner rap song on the market.

“Smoke Break” by Chance the Rapper

Chance, acid rapper, hacky sacker— bowl packer? Chance the Rapper, like Jesus-turned-rap-star Post Malone, preaches good vibes in nearly every song he produces. His unique rap voice rose to stardom immediately after his second mixtape, Acid Rap, debuted in 2013. “Smoke Break” blesses the playlists of stoners worldwide as Chance’s distinct vibe orchestrates through hazy rooms and smoke-filled lungs.

“Winning” by Curren$y

Curren$y is a frequently seen artist when it comes to best stoner raps to listen to while high. The man lives, breathes, and sleeps weed. Mary Jane truly has a hold of him, and she’s not letting go anytime soon while his songs continue to dominate the stoner rap genre. As everyone says, it takes a stoner to write for a stoner.

“Notorious Thugs” by Notorious BIG (ft. Bone Thugs-n-Harmony)

Biggie Biggie Biggie, can’t you see. Why can’t we all just smoke some tree… or something like that. Yes, the King of New York, White Big Poppa, Frankie Baby, also fell victim to the sticky fingers of blunt heaven. But beware, if you say his name three times while ripping a glass pipe, it will shatter at a moment’s notice.

“Medicated” by Wiz Khalifa

The truth is nearly every song Wiz Khalifa produces could be placed on a stoner rap song playlist, but this one is special. This rap’s smooth rhythm sounds like what would happen if The Beatles were faced with a footlong joint, and potheads worldwide are rejoicing as they place it firmly into their best stoner rap songs playlist. Wiz preaches for the power of marijuana as it gives him strength while powering his vast imagination. Some people are powered through hard work and motivation, others by the simple toke of an overpowering herb. Regardless, if you’re still blazing, Wiz’s good vibes are still praising.

“High All the Time” by 50 Cent

For anyone doubting the productivity of stoners, this song is the perfect counter argument. 50 Cent’s long-running career led to over 30 million total album sales and a critically-acclaimed film based on his life story. Could he really have been high all the time? Of course this song is a hyperbole, but you have to imagine he was high some of the time. Debuting on 50 Cent’s most famous album Get Rich or Die Tryin’, “High All the Time” is a combination of any stoner’s perfect rap: a catchy beat and 50 Cent rapping about his favorite purple kush.

“Hits from a Bong” by Cypress Hill

If you listen closely, you can hear Cypress Hill ripping his double barreled bong as this song decorates stoner playlists worldwide. No, seriously, you can actually hear him. Cypress Hill, frequently debated alongside Curren$y and Snoop Dogg as the top stoner rap song artist, made a career out of rapping about his favorite hobby: smoking that sticky icky. By simply listening to the lyrics of this song (Inhale, Exhale - just got a ounce in the mail/But my double barrel bong is gettin me stoned), you know Cypress Hill competes among the most-famed of stoners. This hit rap single will leave any sober individual aching to blaze and any stoner ready to toke up again.

“Kush & Corinthians” by Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar is different than most smokers. Rather than sit back, exhale a perfect "O", and get lost in the sensation of being high, Kendrick takes a deeper approach. His raps echo the struggles he faced growing up and the bright future he envisions for himself, all the while maintaining some of the smoothest flow in the game. “Kush & Corinthians” demonstrates the battle between the temptations of the world (kush) and the daily moral struggles every man faces (corinthians). While it’s a far cry from Afroman’s weed anthem, Kendrick’s rap is still regarded highly among stoners as his intellectual perspective sheds light on more than the presumed lazy lifestyle of smokers worldwide.

“Over My Dead Body” by Drake

My personal favorite, Drake’s “Over My Dead Body” combines the fire of Kendrick’s heart and the angelic chorus of Post Malone’s smooth tone into the perfect song to bump while toking up. Drake’s flow is like no other as his smooth yet dominant voice accents the simple exhale of a joint perfectly. He’s not lying when he says he “killed everybody in the game last year” because if they weren’t discouraged by Drake’s godlike rhythm, they were definitely banished to blaze away their sorrows while listening to this smoker’s anthem.

“Young, Wild & Free” by Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa (ft. Bruno Mars)

By simply looking at the artists behind this rap, you know it’s going to be a good one. Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa, arguably the top figureheads of the stoner rap song community, teamed up with the heavenly voice of Bruno Mars to produce one of the most celebrated songs among pot smokers. There hasn’t been a trio like this since Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, but Drew Barrymore’s ginger locks are a distant second to what Snoop offers his viewers: a whole lot of weed. “Young, Wild & Free” illustrates the three pillars of smoking marijuana, which, you guessed it, are laid out in the title as well as repeated over and over again each chorus. This song is the keef on top of every green mile bowl as stoners will feel young while smoking their wild herb as their imaginations run free.

“Let the Beat Build” by Lil Wayne

Smoking weed and Lil’ Wayne go together like peanut butter and jelly, spaghetti and meatballs, and well, Lil’ Wayne and weed. More than a handful of his tracks begin with the sound of a lighter flicking followed by a deep inhale, revealing to the listener “Hey, you should probably be high for this”. “Let the Beat Build” is an especially good tune to listen to blazed because of its melodic nature and simple baseline. You can’t help but get into Weezy’s zone as you let the beat, and your high, continue to build. 

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