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Best Smell Proof Containers to Store Your Stash

Got skunk? These smell proof containers will keep even the loudest of dank as quiet as a house kitten, yet still potent enough to act as tough as a lioness.

Now, more and more are smell proof containers and high quality mason jars are hunted for across the net. As legalization continues to sweep across the country, and the scientific considerations are ever-grown through the study of medical marijuana, the necessity for more waterproof, vacuum seal containers are expounded. Here, we list some of the best available on the market, but the industry for storage containers alone is so massive, finding the right one for you is probably the trickiest part about it. 

One of the best new products for keeping your weed safe and secure is Re:stash, which uses zero plastic and eco-friendly materials to bring a most sophisticated jar that's certified childproof. There's also a variety of other storage products you can buy, like these 14 secret cannabis containers. Beyond that, I suggest utilizing a far better container than a mason jar (as most seem content with), since there are some truly awesome products out there, like these best smell proof containers. No one's smelling your loud with these dank storage spots. 

50ml Ultraviolet Glass Jar by Masterdam

With ultraviolet glass, Masterdam jars are among the best smell proof jars on the market, utilizing screw-top sealing with discreet storage capabilities. It's something of an icon in the market, since these high quality glass jars protect against harmful light.  

Cannabis 101 states that you need the right place to hide your Mary Jane, but if it's not smell proof, you're doing it wrong. Masterdam has got you covered, plus their storage containers come in such a variety of sizes, it would be remiss not to check them out. 

Aluminum Airtight Stash Jars by Herb Grinder

Available in two different sizings, small and perfect, these Herb Stash jars are two of a kind. For the price of one ($15), you get two airtight containers that are made out of clean materials, not glass or cheap plastic like others. 

This is among the most versatile smell proof containers on the market, for it can be used in a variety of ways. You can use the whole thing for a lot of weight, or you can unscrew the middle and hide less marijuana there; it all depends on how you feel (or, how much bud you have), but no one's denying Herb Stash's superiority in the odorless department. 

Smell Proof Stash Container by GREEN-DER

No, it's not made of pure gold, but the aptly named GREEN-DER container is easily among the best smell proof containers, not only for its interestingly dazzling design, but for the simple fact that it contains a built in grinder. 

That should have been obvious from the name alone, but the fact that you get two kief scoopers as well allows you a whole new area of ways to use your cannabis kief. That's what you get in this gold-plated container of weed. How could anyone resist?

Airtight Herb Storage Container by FLYON

FLYON is huge in the business of marijuana storage, but their smell proof containers make for some of the best in the industry for the relative inexpensiveness and their overall adoration from potheads. 

For only $13, you can snag this awesome aluminum marijuana storage container, which can also be bought in blue. It's moisture free, shatter proof, and even has a precision seal for the most airtight vacuum sealed compartment on the market. 

Airtight Herb Stash Box with Removable Trays by Tokebox

While this stash box alone is a steal, there's also Tokebox's other design, but they're both the same thing; among the best smell proof containers available. Don't believe me? Open this bad boy up, then.

Sporting a rolling tray, mirror, plus even a 3-digit combo lock for extra safe security, it's not only the best, but the most convenient of all smell proof containers out there. Plus, it even looks like a neat piece of decoration, so no one will ever guess what's hidden inside. 

Smell Proof Stash Jar by Permio1

Don't ever let your friends find your beloved Mary Jane ever again with some of the best Permio1 smell proof containers, upon which rests the medical emblem. Legit no one's thinking weed is hidden inside, especially for the fact that they're airtight, light proof, and designed from solid aluminum. 

In addition to those unlikely specs, these smell proof containers are also 100 percent waterproof and are accredited as having the best preserving interior. The utilization of a screw top O-ring keeps odors inside, ensuring you have one of the best smell proof containers around. 

Viper Waterproof Airtight Stash Box by Skyway Products

The most unlikely of all entires upon this list, the Skyway Products' airtight stash vials are easily some of the most discreet smell proof containers with a squeeze pop top and a variety of colors. 

What's awesome about Skyway is their safe FDA compliant bottles. They're made without BPA, or harmful materials, and instead have high quality, medical grade polypropylene as their base. Don't look over this awesome find, for they're childproof, too and make for some remarkable waterproof bottles (for all your needs beyond weed). 

THC Molecule Pop Top Jar by 420 Science

Looking like something from Breaking Bad, the $14 420 Science brand smell proof containers are some of the most adored concepts, mainly for their pop top formula, but also because their much like mason jars, just ten times better than them. 

Despite being see-through, the awesome THC Molecule smell proof container makes for a pothead's new favorite stash spot, even though it's not exactly the best hiding place. Then again, who knows, maybe they'll never even guess it's there (they sure as hell won't smell it). 

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Best Smell Proof Containers to Store Your Stash
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