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Best Rosin Presses for Weed

For the perfect nug smashing, heating and pressurizing machines, these are the best rosin presses for weed on the market that are sure to elevate your smoking experience.

For some of you out there, you may be wondering what is a rosin press? Essentially, a rosin press uses pressure and heat to extract cannabinoids from marijuana and to produce high amounts of consumables, like hash oil. Though the strategy itself may have been invented literally half a century ago, only recently has the mechanics and science behind the rosin press flourished, in more ways than one. As such, and only as of right now, a few variants of rosin presses exist: hydraulic, modified hat press, pneumatic, and DIY. 

Not every rosin press is the same, and neither are the companies that produce them. Discovering the most reliable rosin press is a hassle due largely to its incredibly minuscule market. Rosin in itself has only recently blossomed from the high presence of drug culture in our society. That's not to say it hasn't come a long way in the past two years, and it goes without saying that these brilliant machines will mean much more for the future of drugs, in general. For now, let's take a peak at some of the best rosin presses for weed.

Rosin Press Plates Kit by Weselltech

Starting high up on this list of the best rosin presses for weed, Weselltech’s Plates Kit comes with all of the primary essentials: a 3.5in 30mm plate, a 50mm top plate with a 55mm inner diameter, a double hole heating aluminum plate, and a pair of heating rods. 

There’s also an electric control box for easy temperature changes. This is what's known as a DIY rosin press, which tends to be a little more self involved and requires a certain type of concentration if you want quality results.

Quick Clamps Rosin Press by Tuopuke

Described as a clampshell heat press, Tuopuke’s Quick Clamps are a cinch to use. Unlike its competitors, the Quick Clamps are designed for four varied methods of rosin production, including plant material, extreme pressure, temperature control, and timed. In addition, customers will also get a micro processor for gauging temperatures, scratch proof heating coils, and a few 5x5 non-stick heat plates. 

The product itself, which is one of best rosin presses for weed, features a 110V-120V digital automatic timer voltage, a temperature range of up to 415 degrees Fahrenheit, and an electronic time control. The Quick Clamps is a versatile and all-purpose rosin press that can last for decades with its rugged and durable design.

The Brick Press by High Tech Press

A great hydraulic rosin press on this list is The Brick Press. It may not look special, but don't let that fool you. There's loads of awesome components associated with this product, one of which being aircraft aluminum that staves off nasty burns and other accidents of the combustable kind. 

The machine is also fully authentic, weighing 4 tons and delivering up to 8,000 pounds of hydraulic pressure to whatever form of marijuana you're compressing. It's one of the best rosin presses out there, so don't get heated if it sells out quick. 

Mini Heat Press by NugSmasher

Able to exert up to 2 tons of pressure and still be completely portable, this Mini Head press by NugSmasher looks really cool and makes some of the finest extracts for a maximum yield rosin press. It also ensures you're getting the absolute best out of your grass, giving it due presence among the best rosin presses for weed. 

For those of you out there who tend to run through weed like water, the NugSmasher will ensure you're actually getting high on a lower dosage, which is only one of the many ways to make your weed last longer. The NugSmasher also has dual smash plates worth up to 70w of energy, adding just enough power to your technique for a smoother, more long lasting hash oil finish.  

My Rosin Press by My Press Solventless

For a hilarious $420, My Rosin Press can be yours to produce some of the best extracts without the hassle associated with its competitors. It's one of the best rosin presses on the market, simply because it looks so ornate and inconspicuous. First, it features a total of 6 tons of available pressure, stainless steel plates sized at 3.07" x 3.07," a range of 160-280 degrees Fahrenheit, and 110V voltage power. 

It may look as if it's the smallest and least full proof method of the bunch, however, that's not the case. In fact, My Rosin Press is one of the more reliable on this list, because it's the easiest to clean and produces cannabinoids in a fraction of the time compared to its rivals. 

Electric Pneumatic Rosin Press by Honey Habit

Starting at 1500 PSI, the electric pneumatic rosin press by Honey Habit is one of the best rosin presses for weed, because it comes with two different purposes for maximum yields of cannabinoids. 

For $500, Honey Habit gives you a mini rosin press, dual heated plates, electrical power with a micro air pump, plus a built-in spare fuse. For those who want to get more of an airy, lighter extract from their pressed weed, Honey Habit's electric pneumatic rosin press is the best deal around. 

Pneumatic Heat Press by Pure Press

Pneumatic heat presses utilize compressed air in order to reach the most superb results when producing hash. In this case, Pure Press is one of the best rosin presses for weed that engages the pneumatic technique with pristine effectiveness. 

The product features some of the most unique components in rosin tech, such as automatic placement for multi-sized transfers, totally customizable pressure controls, and a built in cycle counter, which can display up to 9999 applications. The pneumatic heat press also comes with a protective heat shroud to ensure complete safety when making hash oil. 

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Best Rosin Presses for Weed
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