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Best Reasons to Eat Raw Cannabis

Most people tend to roll it up, pass it, or compress it, but eating marijuana? Get ready to fool those taste buds with these mind blowing reasons to eat raw cannabis.

Hang on! Before you try to learn how to roll a joint like a boss, instead try eating your marijuana raw. I'm not even joking, there's a vast majority of reasons to eat raw cannabis, but most people think this is cause for immediate concern (either the person eating the weed is crazy, or the person suggesting so is). You'd be surprised to find there's a great many reasons to eat marijuana raw, many of which tend to get scrapped as hoaxes or simply unfounded information. 

That's among the most difficult issues currently with anything weed related, as no one study has ever outright proven of one or another thing. For instance, cannabis 101 may say one thing, but this is dramatically altered literally a day or week later by way of either a new strain, new technique, or simply new form of smoking marijuana. For this reason, gazing into the reasons to eat raw cannabis my be an eyeopener of epic proportions in terms of advancing our knowledge of marijuana.

Pain Relief

Not so surprisingly, among reasons to eat raw cannabis is pain relief, and this is probably one of the most popular of them all, since who isn't some kind of pain. The awesome thing about eating marijuana is there's no real harm, other than the very possibility in choking, which can be easily avoided when preparing raw marijuana. 

Those suffering with fibromyalgia and arthritis can reduce the pain they feel when utilizing pulverized marijuana smoothie concoctions. Now coined "green juicing," drinking these nutrient-packed beverages made with marijuana can actually limit the pain felt in the drinker and is rather popular among crowds across the world. 


When burnt (or smoked), terpenes tend to go up in flames and are often devoid of any actual health benefits, unless you take into account the reasons to eat raw cannabis. Specific to the type of terpenes, there are a variety of connotations as to what they can do and how they can affect the user when consumed. 

The "terpenes" of the cannabis plant are actually the aromatic bits that are more beneficial when in their raw form, as one will be given a general sense of calm and relaxation, plus can induce sleep if in the correct dose. This goes for the whole entire body, as your mind won't be the only thing relaxed, your spirit and body will feel the same warmth. 


Vitamins can almost be found in practically any plant-based ingredient, and this is no different from the likes of marijuana. In fact, a hefty sum of vitamins are packed inside cannabis, marking them among reasons to eat raw cannabis. 

There are varied types of vitamins for different forms of relief, such as folate, which is for DNA repair, calcium, obviously for bones, vitamin K, a calcium absorbent that helps reduce blood clotting, and many more (even iron). Didn't your mom or dad always tell you how important vitamins were? So, I don't even have to tell you why it's among reasons to eat raw cannabis. 

Cannabinoid Acids

Ironically, there are around 421 chemical compounds held within the cannabis plant, 100 of these being known as cannabinoids, which are specific and unique plant molecules, or simply the psychoactive element within cannabis. THC is often then more often found in its raw form as tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) when on the plant. 

This is one of the reasons to eat cannabis, simply due to the fact that THCA may have some beneficial and medicinal properties that can help explore more assistance options for those suffering from spasm attacks, for starters. This "acid" is also known to trigger TRPA1, which is a cell receptor that regulates inflammation and the nervous system, thereby making it a necessity for those with eating disorders. 

No High

Some people actually love consuming marijuana raw simply because it doesn't get them high like smoking or eating edibles do. It's among the more popular and widely used of reasons to eat raw cannabis, but how? I thought weed didn't activate until it was presented with a certain, high temperature.

This is true, but there are various other health benefits and side effects in connection with raw cannabis consumption, none of which are even remotely surprising at all. 

Nutritional Benefits

Beyond not inducing actual marijuana highs, among reasons to eat raw cannabis is a long and provocative list of nutritional benefits even beyond those of vitamins and omega fatty acids. 

Consuming raw weed can actually make you more prone to B vitamins, which are highly beneficial for fighting depression and mood swings, in addition to inducing sleep with key serotonin neurotransmitters. That's what makes the immense leafy green health properties behind raw cannabis consumption such a newfound broader step in the study of this plant. 


Never heard of them? Neither had I until I came across this awesome ingredient in cannabis; anthocyanins are actually super beneficial for the body and are generally well-received when it concerns health issues. These very same favonoid compounds are found in various other food coloration, like that of eggplants, raspberries, and blackberries. So, if you've eaten any of these, then finding any more reasons to eat raw cannabis is almost unnecessary. 

Some research preformed in 2004 showed that the anthocyanins could possibly be antioxidants themselves, yet this ideal is far from proven (despite the fact that they have shown to repair DNA damage and protect against it). The anthocyanins can also be beneficial in regulating the immune system, possibly even improving vision in some cases, and may decrease the symptoms of hormone-dependent diseases. 

Omega 3 & Fatty Acids

Hemp seeds don't just have a bunch of protein power locked inside them, they also provide a wide range of necessary omega 3 to omega 6 essential fatty acids (EFAs). These are essential for keeping your brain functioning at its highest potential, since the human brain is made up of around 60 percent fat. 

Not only that, but proper EFAs also ensure you have a high level of balance maintenance, simply by way of protecting against neurogenerative diseases as among reasons to eat raw cannabis and also provides us with some clues as to what happens to your body when you eat weed.


You'd be off your rocker if you thought antioxidants weren't necessary for healthy living, and the fact that they're a natural product of marijuana makes them among reasons to eat raw cannabis. These antioxidants help to prevent cell damage and if not regularly assisted, can be cause for serious illness. 

This is one of the reasons why the US government even went ahead and patented CBD in 2003, since cannabinoids have insane amounts of neuroprotective properties that are highly important and powerful for the body's natural growth cycle. All of this from eating cannabis and bearing witness to its side effects, it's not as dangerous as everyone may think. 

Essential Amino Acids

Similar to the aforementioned fatty acids, essential amino acids are also extremely necessary for positive health and cell functionality. Without consistent amino acids, our diets would be an improper mixture of poor maintenance, therefore causing cells to collapse and quit transmuting nutrients. 

This is what makes essential amino acids key ingredients within marijuana and gives credence to many reasons to eat raw cannabis. Amino acids assist in repairing tissue damage, and ensure cells are at their firmest in both structure and productivity.  


Fiber is extremely important and beneficial for immune function and anti inflammatory components, which gives us another (and the last) addition among reasons to eat raw cannabis. Like all leafy green mixtures, marijuana has a high content of fiber that is directly positive for mental health concepts and immune function. 

This goes hand in hand with bellying a well-versed diet that's able to be broken down and consumed for aiding your digestive tract. When fiber is broken down into the microbes that are essential for the continuance of life, one realizes just how necessary fiber is, and how healthy eating cannabis raw actually is. 

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