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Best Pre-Rolled Cones for Weed

Don't like to roll your own? Then you'll love our list of the best pre-rolled cones for weed aficionados.

There are a lot of people out there who love to smoke weed, but don't know how to roll a blunt. There are also many people out there who can teach you how to roll a cross joint, but just legitimately hate rolling joints with a passion. 

I ought to know, I generally do not like to roll joints, unless I'm in the right mood. That's why pre-rolled cones are such an awesome thing; they allow you the smokability of a joint, without all the hassle of dealing with feisty rolling papers or unsteady hands. 

If you're split on rolling papers or just want to enjoy a shortcut, investing in any of the best pre-rolled cones for weed on the market will be a very wise decision. Check out the top picks from professional stoners (as well as yours truly.)

Pre-Rolled Cones Bundle by RAW

When it comes to the best pre-rolled cones for weed and the best rolling papers for spliffs, not many companies can go head-to-head with RAW. This company is known for making its products out of natural ingredients, without any additives—and that makes for a seriously superior smoke. 

This pre-rolled cone bundle comes with 50 cones, a beautiful hand rolling tray for that final twist, and a cone loader kit. In other words, it's the perfect starter pack for any pothead. (No wonder Wiz Khalifa teamed up with them in the past, right?)

Tiki Tango Flavored Cones by Cyclones

If you're looking for something a little less natural, and a little more flavored, then some of the best pre-rolled cones for weed that you should look into come from Cyclone. This company is known for "candy-flavored" pre-rolled cones that enhance the flavor of your bud, rather than distract from it. 

They're also surprisingly affordable, and pack a ton of herb in each roll. So, we really can't argue with that, either, can we?

Pre-rolled Grape Cone (8 Packs) with Authentic Rolling Paper Depot Kewl Tube by Juicy Jay's

You may have noticed that a lot of the pre-rolled cones on this list involve no filter. That's the standard practice for weed, and that's why a lot of these companies have gained notoriety for making the best rolling papers, and the best pre-rolled cones for weed consumption. 

However, Juicy Jay's is a bit different, in that respect. This kit comes with grape-flavored pre-rolled cones, plus a tip that infuses extra flavor into every inhale. If you love very, very sweet-tasting smoke, or just want filtered cones, then you'll love Juicy Jay's.

Pre-Rolled King Size Cone Pack by Elements

Elements has some of the best pre-rolled cones for weed users that love a long, slow burn. This is because the rolling papers used in the cone creation are made of rice paper, rather than the typical hemp or rough paper. 

Much like their competitors at RAW, Elements doesn't use additives in their cones, so you don't have to worry about weird chemicals messing with your pot flavor. This pack comes with a tube filter and a Doobtube for added convenience. What's not to love?

24K Gold King Cone Pre-Rolled Paper by Shine

If you're going to smoke, why not do it in style? These pre-rolled cones from Shine are made out of genuine, 24-Karat edible gold. From the reviews we're seeing, these are some of the best pre-rolled cones for weed lovers who want to ball out. 

Sure, you only get one per pack, but it's gold. And you can smoke a golden joint. How many other companies allow you to say that?

The Supernatural Extra Long Pre-Rolled Cone by RAW

1 Raw Supernatural 12" One Foot Extra Long Pre Rolled Rolling Paper Cone | eBay
1 Raw Supernatural 12" One Foot Extra Long Pre Rolled Rolling Paper Cone | Collectibles, Tobacciana, Papers | eBay!

If you haven't noticed, I'm trying to stay away from using the same company over and over again on this list. Otherwise, all of the best pre-rolled cones for weed usage would be from RAW, and a handful of others. That being said, this is a pre-rolled cone that really takes the cake. 

This is one of the largest pre-rolled cones on the market; it's actually a foot long. Needless to say, whoever smokes out of this will have to puff, puff, pass quite a bit in order to actually stay even slightly coherent. Yep, this Supernatural cone will definitely give you a magical time. 

Did we mention these were initially designed by Wiz Khalifa? Explains a lot, doesn't it?

King Sized Cones by JWare

JWare Pre-rolled King Size Cones (100 Count) Rolling Paper | eBay
Find great deals for JWare Pre-rolled King Size Cones (100 Count) Rolling Paper. Shop with confidence on eBay!

Let's just say you're looking for a plain, simple, pre-rolled cone you can smoke out of quickly. You're not looking for whizzbangs, or any crazy flavors. If you're not feeling the RAW brand, or the super-slow Elements burn, then JWare has some of the best pre-rolled cones for weed out there. 

They're plain, simple, and easy to use. They don't mess up your weed's flavor. Oh, and they're really affordable—unlike that 24K gold cone we discussed earlier. 

Mean Green Pre-Rolled Cone by Cyclones

Cyclones Mean Green Pre Rolled Cone With Herb Blend Wood Tip and Reusable Tube | eBay
Find great deals for Cyclones Mean Green Pre Rolled Cone With Herb Blend Wood Tip and Reusable Tube. Shop with confidence on eBay!

If you're the type of person who absolutely, positively loves the taste of hemp, then you might want to check out Mean Green cones by Cyclones. These are some of the most flavorful pre-rolled cones for weed on the market, and yes, they are made of hemp. 

The Mean Greens also come with a wooden tip, for that extra clean, extra herbal smoke experience you've been wanting to enjoy. Herbal, thy name is Mean Green!

Classic Organic Unrefined Pre-Rolled Cones by RAW

RAW strikes again, this time with a pre-rolled cone that is made of organic, unrefined materials. Their "Classic Cones" are known for being incredibly easy to work with, and also come with very handy paper filter tips. The end result is an inhale packed with natural flavor, without the extra "gunk."

It's also worth pointing out that RAW creates its paper products with techniques that prevent "smoke running;" which in turn means that you don't have to worry about canoeing wrecking your smoke experience. 

Clear Pre-Rolled Cones by Cyclones

Finally, one of the best pre-rolled cones for weed enthusiasts that want a seriously unique smoke experience, are the Clear Cones from Cyclone. These flavored, pre-rolled cones have one very unique trait: they're clear as a window. 

Oh, and they're flavored. This flavor sampler set helps you discover which flavor is your type, and it comes with hemp wicks for added ease of use. Why? Because Cyclones are awesome, and this is as close to the cone version of crazy rolling papers as you'll get. 

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Best Pre-Rolled Cones for Weed
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