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Best Pipe Smell-Proof Containers

Love your pipe, but hate the cops? These smell-proof containers will keep nosy noses away from your rig.

There's something to be said about having a beloved pipe that you love to carry with you everywhere you go. Your pipe can easily become one of your prized possessions, which is why it's not surprising that a lot of stoners end up naming their pipes. 

Finding a good pipe bag isn't as easy as finding one of the best padded bong bags, good airtight weed containers, or even finding a decent stash can. A good pipe bag will put other smell-proof containers to shame in style, padding, and more. 

It used to be that smell-proofing meant that you'd use Mason jars lined with foam padding for your pipe bag. Nowadays, we can put away the glass jar and find something more specific. Looking for a new bag or case for your favorite little buddy? These containers will keep your pipe safe and smells inside. 

7.5" Storage Case by Smokesafe

Smokesafe makes some seriously impressive smell-proof containers, and all of them are built like legit safes. This particular container is heavily padded, waterproof, and made with a hard shell case exterior. In other words, this case can handle just about everything that life throws at you. 

If you have a petite pipe, this carrier is perfect. Just place your pipe in, close the "safe," and tuck the case away in your backpack—then you're ready to go!

Silverton - Locking Stash Bag with Odor Control by Stashlogix

If you're the type of partier who has friends with sticky fingers, getting smell-proof containers is only half the battle. If you want to have your pipe stay secure along with your stash of green, you will need to have a stash bag with a locking function. 

Stashlogix's Silverton bag is a perfect way to keep your bags odor-free and your goodies as safe as possible. And, with its excellent style and nice cushioning, it's easy to see why it's one of the best pipe bags of its kind out there. 

Smell-Proof Bag by Formline Supply

Those of us who own larger pipes will tell you that finding smell-proof containers that are padded and organized isn't always easy. This 11 by 6 inch baggie is smell-proof, lightly cushioned, and has mesh panels for stashing all your party supplies in there. 

What we love about this container is that it's not a box. It's a bag, and that means you can save yourself from wasting unused space that would otherwise remain "filled" with a box. Smokers who tend to pack bags to an inch of their space capacity will love that flexibility. 

Leather Pax 2/3 Case by Herb Guard

Herb Guard is one of the most elegant companies to create luxury pipe containers for smokers. Those who love a luxury toke already know that the Pax 2 and Pax 3 are considered to be some of the best weed vape pens on the market. 

Their leather cases are specifically designed to be smell-proof containers for the Pax 2 and 3. Buttery leather, a smell-proof lining, and a lot of style make this a great gift for any stoners who use the best marijuana vape pens

Tobacco Pipe Bag by Capo Lily

Most people wrongly believe that pipe smell-proof containers have to be rugged boxes, simple baggies, or otherwise slightly-rugged looking items. Capo Lily proves this wrong with a pipe pouch that comfortably holds not one, but two pipes. 

The "tobacco" pouch is around seven inches long, three inches wide, and is fully equipped with luxury padding. Its PU leather exterior adds a nice touch of class, no matter where you go. 

Urban Warrior Smell-Proof Case by Skunk

Skunk bags are a gold standard as far as smell-proof containers go. That's why their pipe smell-proof backpacks have become a favorite among potheads and why they regularly end up getting cited as one of the best stoner companies out there. 

This petite and stylish pouch is perfect for keeping your pipe intact and carrying that extra bud along for the ride. It's also available in a nice range of colors, so you never have to worry about having a bag that doesn't match your outfit. 

Sidekick Smell Proof Case w/ Combo Lock by Skunk

If you love Skunk's high quality wares but hate the idea of having a pouch that doesn't lock, their newest collection will definitely be the right choice for you. The new Skunk Sidekick smell-proof containers have enough space for all your smoking gear, a lockable side, and a handy strap. 

Like their other bags, the Sidekick is available in a good range of colors, comes with mesh compartments, and works as a great herb preserve in a pinch. 

Child-Safe Smell-Proof Carryall by Black Rock Originals

If you're looking for smell-proof containers that are also designed to keep nosy children out, look no further than the Child-Safe Smell-Proof Carryall. This is a perfect pipe bag for parents who have teens that are old enough to figure out what weed smells like—and don't want to share. 

Carbon lining, a combo lock, and having a nice water-resistant exterior means that your pipe and goods will be safer than ever. 

Smell-Proof Safety Case 2.0 by Black Rock Originals

If you like to keep your pipe on you, a smell-proof case that doesn't give away your habit is a must. Few smell-proof containers remain as stylish, petite, and discreet as this one. 

Carbon lining keeps the smell in, while its "eyeglass case" look ensures that no one at work would give this a second guess. 

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Buddy Brown
Buddy Brown

Detroit-born Buddy Brown is a 80s hair metal fan who loves cars, games, and sports. When he’s not drinking PBR while listening to Downtown Brown, he’s playing Grand Theft Auto or working on his El Camino.

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