Best Party Games to Play High

If you're tired of eating a fat bag of Doritos and bingeing an entire Netflix show for unnecessary hours on the couch, why not try the best party games to play high?

The presence of drug culture has evolved dramatically over the years. Now, it's more dim and under the radar than ever before. This brings us to a modern world full of ambitious medical observations, where the challenge for most pot smokers is trying to believe their favorite plant isn't a dangerous narcotic. This is cannabis 101, uncovering the self in line with one's pot usage. Nowadays, a large majority of pot smoking takes place not only all across the country, but the entire world. With so many of us now smoking the devil's cabbage more regularly, I think it's high time we discuss the most awesome of all pothead games around.

While the overplayed game of seeing who can sit on the couch the longest has gone out the window, us pot smoking fanatics need something a little more engaging. It doesn't always have to be a blunt or a joint, a couple pounds of munchie snacks, and a Netflix binge for a smoke sesh to be worthwhile. We just need a little added flavor, some pizzazz in our weed smoking experiences. Say, maybe some party games to play high?


Probably the oldest of all smoking games to date, 'Lungs,' aka Chicago or Baseball, is also the most simple party games to play high. It's best in a small group of teens, like four or five people max, because anymore would probably cause health problems. 

How to play is very easy, but there are plenty of varieties. If you're using a joint, no one can exhale their hit until the joint has reached back around to the first person in the cipher. If you're using a bong, time each person to see how long their hit is. Either by lasting the longest, or by inhaling the most, you will be the winner. And most likely the highest, too. 

Stoned Jenga

While it may still use the classic sense of the game, weed Jenga takes some prep work before play, but it's still high (see what I did there) on the list of the best party games to play high. Who knew a Jenga set could be one of the best gifts for your stoner friends?

Grab any regular Jenga set, preferably one you'll use solely for getting high in a large group, and write messages on individual pieces. That way, when you or your friends pull out any of the pieces, they have a weed themed action they must preform, other than the nervousness of that tipping tower. Here are a few good examples:

  • Take a hit
  • Finish bowl
  • Take a dab
  • Skip turn
  • Add keif to bong
  • Smoke a personal J
  • Roll a blunt for Luck (so everyone smokes)

At the end of the game, whoever drops the Jenga set must either pack a bong or roll a joint for everyone. It might not be in the rules, but I think you shouldn't be allowed to hit it. Makes you sit there, high as a clown, picking up the fallen pieces while your friends get high and laugh at you. What's better than that? 

High Driving

Every party gamer who drinks a little knows the classic 'Drunk Driving' alcohol game that pits you and your friends head to head in a drunken foray of Mario Kart racing. It was one of the best drinking games in college, so why wouldn't it be one of the best party games to play high? 

The high edition is no different,'re high. Whether on N64, Game Cube or the Wii, players must have an unlit joint or blunt by them before a race. In addition to coming in first on the video game, players must also finish their blunt or joint before the racing has finished. The catch — and the hardest part about it — is you can't smoke while driving. Don't burnout.

High Family Guy

This one's particularly fun, because not only are you watching one of the best high shows on television, but you're also engaging in one of the best party games to play high at the same time!

The rules are simple, especially if you've watched Family Guy before. Toss on any episode from any season, sit down with a bong, lots of weed, and some friends, then prepare yourself to take one hit for each of the following:

  • Quagmire says "OOH!" "giggity giggity" or "ALL RIGHT!"
  • Peter laughs
  • Peter does something stupid
  • Peter and/or Brian are drinking alcohol 
  • Stewie says "Victory is mine!"
  • Stewie has a weapon
  • Lois prepares food
  • Anyone makes fun of Meg
  • Flashbacks

Finish the bowl when:

  • Anyone breaks out in song
  • Evil Monkey appears
  • Trisha Takinow reports 
  • Jack Tucker (Upside down face kid) appears
  • Adam West appears

In Between

This is best for an adult party, not that it's dirty or anything. Unless you consider smoking lots of weed dirty, then its gotta be one of the dirtiest party games to play high. 

In Between utilizes a full poker set, which means chips, as well. No, not Lays, but poker chips, or you can just use your prized nugs of weed. You bet depending on the two cards that are drawn each turn, so if the dealer pulls a 3 and a 7, you can choose to bet if the following card is numerically in between them. If you're correct, you keep the nug or chips, but if you're wrong...well, your weed goes into the pot. 

If the dealer pulls two consecutive cards, the current player loses, but if the dealer pulls two of the same number cards, then the player wins that hand. The only way to win In Between is by betting the pot, or when every player has taken their turn. It's a perfect playing card and adult game that will get all the homies excited to get high like they've never been before.

Twisty Twister

It might sound like a really interesting drinking game, which I should probably trademark, but it's just Twister. Well, not any kind of Twister, but another one of the best party games to play high. In this, you're playing the same game we all know and love from childhood, except you're also getting blazed in the process.  

First, you assign different actions to the colors. So, as you and your pals try desperately to keep balance and tag every named color, you're also being challenged by having to hit a blunt on green, or having to finish a bong on blue. The more you guys get into it, the more fun it gets. You're not only reliving old memories with Twisty Twister, you're also getting pretty twisted, more so than ever before, I imagine. 


Even if you're high, this game's so simple and it takes you back to the roots of your first poker lessons: BlackJack. Also known as 21, a game that everyone should know, wherein the dealer and the players go head to head starting with two cards. Players have the option to hit or stay, bet big in the process — and win big, hopefully — until someone either reaches, or gets as close as possible to 21. 

GreenJack is no different, other than there being plentiful amounts of greens. Instead of betting with poker chips or actual money, substitute this with tokes, or hits from the bong. Obviously, while there may not be a pot in GreenJack (though, I hope there are bountiful amounts of the other kind of pots), the winner of the game will be the highest in the circle. Or, you can have a pot of literal pots, it's really up to how you want to play. Why do you think it's one of the best party games to play high?

High Course

Ahh, the obstacle course. It's a childish, yet fun way to enjoy some of our most nostalgic memories, all while getting high. It doesn't have to be as illustrious as the one pictured above. You and your mates can grab a fun tunnel, or simply use any kinds of furniture from your living room. Craft something ingenious, something challenging for every single one of you. And, obviously, make it weed themed. It's one of the best party games to play high, since you're not only moving around and having a ball with your mates, you're also enjoying a nice, active smoke sesh. 

One of my favorite times smoking was actually playing this very game, if that's what you want to call it. Me and a few of my friends, though they weren't that then, built this obstacle course through our new apartment using nothing but cushions, chairs, sheets, that sort of thing. Since we were all getting to know each other, we made each obstacle an ice breaker: write something down about yourself. It challenged your thoughts and made you think quick on your feet. But, we also made it even more difficult by adding bongs, unlit joints in ashtrays, even a rig out and ready to go with a fat dab at the finish line. It's a great way to learn more about your friends, plus yourself in more ways than one. In addition to being as high as granny's sugar container from the top of the pantry. 

Never Have I Ever

One of the classics for adult and teen gamers, Never Have I Ever can be instantly made into a weed game. Sitting in a circle, each of you and your friends takes a turn stating the phrase "Never have I ever..." inserting their own daring escapades and revelations from the past, after which that player will hit the bong or joint, whatever is your preferred smoking utensil. 

Others among the group must put their fingers down if said revelation or escapade has been done by them, also. In that case, said players will also have to hit the bong. It's kind of like a round robin of reminiscing and getting high at the same time. It's beautiful, and obviously one of the best party games to play high. Just try not to reveal too much, because once all your fingers are down, you're out. Doesn't mean you have to stop smoking though!

Stonerville Monopoly

Last, but certainly not least, Stonerville Monopoly. That's right, one of the greatest of all board games can be made into one of the best party games to play high, and here's how. While the above board game is sort of a knock off of Monopoly, and since Monopoly itself has so many variants, it's safe to say you can use practically any type of board you choose, just make sure you have some pot on you. 

Stoner Monopoly is just like the normal version, except players will be dialed to cloud 9, utilizing bong rips, joint tokes, blunt hits, or dabs to ensure players are not only kept off their game, they're also highly motivated (hehe). Set up various reasons for smoking weed, such as landing on go equals two hits plus $200, or go to jail means you can't smoke until you get out. Have fun with it, be creative, and build your monopoly with the comfort of your friends on your smoke-filled couch. Whatever you do, though, don't waste all your money on weed. 

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