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Best Gifts for Your Stoner Girlfriend

Want to show that special pothead in your life some love? Then you might want to look at the best gifts for your stoner girlfriend, as picked by a stoner.

Stoner girls always have good taste, which is why finding the best gifts for your stoner girlfriend can be such a hard task to accomplish. After all, stonerettes tend to want something that's both functional and stylish — no matter what its use is for. 

If you're looking for a "just because" gift for that special pot smoking girl in your life, look no further than these items below. They've been voted as some of the best gifts for your stoner GF, FWB, or gal pal. 

Red Travel Box Ashtray by Poke A Bowl

This ashtray is one of the smartest things we've ever seen, primarily because it helps keep your bowl clean while it scoops up ashes. That large pin in the center is what you use to "poke" your bowl — and thereby clean out any clots that happen from too much use. 

It can be brought on trips and also remains stylish in all situations, making it one of the best gifts for your stoner GF. We're declaring this one of the few stoner girl must-haves that hasn't become totally widespread yet, and making her one of the first to enjoy it will definitely make her happy. 

Cannabis Candle by Malin + Goetz

Malin + Goetz is a candle company that specializes in super-upscale, luxury candles. It's really, really hard to find a girl that doesn't enjoy luxury candles, especially stoner girls who often need candles to mask a certain scent. 

The Cannabis candle is meant to smell like everyone's favorite plant...but don't worry, it's a little bit more perfumey than the real deal. Also, it contains no cannabis, so you won't get arrested trying to buy this gift for your girl. 

Maui Wowie Hemp Soap by Dope on a Rope Soap

Speaking of cannabis-scented candles, this other luxury spa product is one of the best gifts for your stoner GF...or anyone who really, truly enjoys luxury soaps. Dope on a Rope Soap is one of those rare brands that makes top-of-the-line scents that infuse aromatherapy with awesome design. 

Whether she's a hippie, a festival girl, or just a random stoner who loves cannabis culture, she'll enjoy this soap. It smells incredible, and looks awesome. 

Mary Jane: The Complete Handbook for Women by Cheri Sicard

Cheri Sicard's classic book has become a favorite among lady stoners, and offers a huge amount of information involving marijuana's uses, cannabis culture, and more. If you ever wondered how to throw a pot party, how to make good pot brownies, or how to parent your kids as a stoner mom, this is the book for you. 

This isn't just one of the best gifts for your stoner girlfriend: It's one of the best books to buy if you really, truly want to know all about weed. 

Weed Print Denim Joggers by Soho Glam

Jogger pants are one of the hottest trends in fashion these days, especially in streetwear. If your stoner girlfriend loves streetwear style, why not let her show her love for cannabis with a new pair of high quality denim joggers. 

The weed print is overt enough to grab attention, but isn't done in a tacky way. That alone makes it one of the best gifts for your stoner fashionista. 

Weed Print Mary Jane Thigh Highs by Soho Glam

If you and your girl love to hit festivals and reggaeton concerts, then you already know that thigh high socks are incredibly popular additions to almost any rave outfit. These cute socks keep it simple and stoner-friendly with a classic weed print. 

They're affordable, look good, and are oh, so comfortable. What's not to love about these sexy socks? 

Roll Your Weed On It G-String by Fullkang

Looking for a special gift that's for your eyes only? Then one of the best gifts for your stoner girlfriend is a pair of panties with a cheeky marijuana-focused message on it. 

Fullkang's design is photoshoot-ready, looks sexy, and also is super comfortable to wear throughout the day. Girls who love sexy lingerie and weed will love this.

Enchanted Locking Chest Bundle by Hakuna Supply

Hakuna Supply is a pretty famous company when it comes to creating luxury cannadors. This locking chest bundle has elegant Celtic-style engravings, comes with stash tins, a grinder, rolling papers, and more — all to help you store weed and give you the best smoking experience possible. 

You don't have to be a girl or romantically involved to appreciate quality craftmanship and an amazing smoking experience. Ergo, this is one of the best gifts for your stoner girlfriend, boyfriend, friend, or family member.

Weed Money Coin Purse by Blue Q

Blue Q has been a company famous for making quirky but cute designer products with a subtle retro twist to them. Their cheeky illustrations have been rocking the world for over 30 years, and it's easy to see why they've remained an underground favorite for so long when you check out their Weed Money Coin Purse. 

This coin purse is not only green in the cannabis-friendly sense of the word. It's also green in the sense that it's made with 95 percent recycled materials, too. So, it's hippie, crunchie, and stoner-approved. 

Chili Pepper Pipe by Waterfall Australia

There's something to be said about smoking in style. If you're looking to tell your sweetie that she's a real hottie, then one of the best gifts for your stoner girlfriend or spouse is this chili pepper pipe. 

While you might put some spice in there, it's also chili enough to help your girl mellow out. Okay, we just really wanted to get punny with this one. Now, let's get to the real details. 

Waterfall Australia makes all their pipes by hand, which means that this pepper was made with tons of love and care. It's 5 inches long, offers plenty of ventilation for smoke, and also comes with beautiful glass flower screens.

Stylish smoking just got a lot easier, and a lot more affordable. 

Labradorite Quartz Crystal Pipe by Wenxf

One of the hotter trends among music festival goers, alternative healing groups, and hippies of all kinds is the idea of using quartz crystal as a fashion statement. This quartz crystal pipe is delicately handcrafted using breathtakingly beautiful, authentic labradorite quartz. 

The crystal naturally cools down the smoke and delivers an amazing punch of flavor, and it's sturdier than any glass pipe you could get. All things considered, it's an amazing gift for any fashionable stoner in your life. 

Purple Grinder from Best-Buds

Best-Buds is a company that has long had skin in the cannabis game — even before cannabis was legalized in so many states. That's why they're one of the biggest names in grinders, and why they make such good products. 

This weed grinder allows your girl to grind up the goods in style. Since it also comes with multiple chambers, a kief scraper, and a cleaning guide, it's one of the best gifts for your stoner girlfriend that's actually involved in the weed prep process. 

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Best Gifts for Your Stoner Girlfriend
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