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Best Dab Mats for Concentrates

A little dab'll do ya! These dab mats for concentrates look great and work wonderfully.

Smoking concentrates has become more popular than ever before, and that means that the concentrate accessory economy has been booming. The most popular accessory to shop for—aside from pipes that allow you to smoke butane oil, wax, shatter, and other dabs—are the actual dab mats for concentrates. 

A little dab never hurt anyone, but these mats will definitely let you slay in your pothead style. Today, we're going to take a look at the best mats out there—and why the stoner in your life will adore them. 

The Dabfather Mat by DabCity

DabCity makes some of the best dab mats for concentrates, and not just because of the high-quality silicone used in their creation. These mats are stylish and downright hilarious at times. This Dabfather Mat is perfect for fans of The Godfather

This heat-resistant dab mat can handle up to 500 degrees of heat. The Dabfather mat is an offer you can't refuse—humor and a good dab at the same time!

Silicone Dab Mats by Lionhead

Sharing is caring, but sometimes, you just want to have your own. That's why Lionhead decided to start selling its best dab mats for concentrates in sets of two! These honeycombed hexagon mats are able to withstand over 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and are perfect for individual use. 

If you're looking for affordable, easy to clean, high-quality dab mats for your own personal use, this is a great starter. That's why they're the best of their kind. 

Bill Nye the Dab Guy by Stonerdays

Bill Nye The Dab Guy Dab Mat | eBay
Find best value and selection for your Bill Nye The Dab Guy Dab Mat search on eBay. World's leading marketplace.

It's Bill Nye, the Science Guy! Sort of. It's a heavily-Photoshopped print of Bill Nye on a dab mat that will do well by your rig. Well, dabbing is kind of science, right? This is one of the best dab mats for concentrates smokers with a penchant for science. 

We've always wanted to see Bill Nye light up. Now, thanks to this mat, we have. Oh, and we're loving Nye's choice of rolling papers in this illustration, too. 

Scooby Snacks Fabric Topped Dab Mat by DabMatz

To a point, we felt like we had a duty to feature this mat. Why? Because DabMatz makes some of the best dab mats for concentrate users that want a fabric top pad, and because it features everyone's favorite childhood stoner duo

Come on, the munchies? The laughing? The talking dog? You know it's true. Now, please excuse us. We need to go get some Scooby Snacks. 

Dabber Dan and Debbie Pad Set by Dabpads

Looking for a fabric top dab pad that also happens to double as one of the cutest couples' gifts you can get a pair of stoners for their wedding? The Dabber Dan and Debbie Rig Mat Bundle from DabPadz will do the trick. It's a "his and hers" accessory for stoners, with a nice retro twist. 

Szechuan Sesh at Shoneys by DabMatz

While this massive, two-person dab mat might not be made out of silicone, we're still calling this one of the best dab mats for concentrates users, due to the style alone. I mean, it's Rick, from Rick and Morty

So dabbed, so laid back, so Shoney's, right? This is one of the best non-licensed Rick and Morty gifts we've seen, and also one of the coolest mats. 1/4 inch of padding means your rig will be safe while you enjoy all the Szechuan sauce you want. 

Dab to the Future Round Dab Mat by Dab Pads

Great Scott! It's the guy who Rick Sanchez was base off of, and it seems like he found a new way to travel through time! This slick dab pad is perfect for small rigs, and people who are good with having fabric-top mats capable of handling a lot of heat. 

Oh, it's also a must-buy for people who adore Back to the Future

Candy Dabs Dab Pad by DabPadz

1/4 inch of thick foam and a nice cloth top makes this petite, single person dab pad one of the nicer dab mats for concentrates with rigs to rest on. The Candyland motif, though, makes it one of the most hilarious dab mats for users who get the munchies when they smoke up. 

And let's just face it—we all get the munchies. 

Two Large Silicone Concentrate Mats by Dab Wizard

Looking for dab mats that are big enough to share, but plentiful enough for sharing to be optional? This pair of mats by Dab Wizard are some of the best dab mats for concentrates users who love to keep their rigs and goodies on ample space.

Since these non-stick mats are made of silicone, they are exceptionally heat resistant and are easy to clean. So, when you're not getting baked with these mats, they can double as baking mats. Burnie Brownies, anyone?

DabTime Mat with 710 Jars by DabCity

Looking for a full kit? Well, you're in luck. DabCity makes some of the best dab mats for concentrates of all kinds, and currently is selling kits that include everything you need, but the rig.

This silicone non-stick dab mat is perfect to clean and comes with a funny graphic. It also has matching jars and a carver, just in case you're running low on supplies. Like all of the other goodies here, the mat is cushioned and capable of withstanding super-high temperatures. 

Flower of Life Round Dab Mat by DabPadz

Looking for a more elegant, Celtic-style design? DabPadz created a beautiful felt-top dab mat that is absolutely breathtaking. 1/4 inch thick, shock resistant, and totally trippy in that sacred geometry way, this is one of the best dab mats for concentrates that are being used in a spiritual way. 

Or, you know, for people who love dabbing, but want to do it in an artsy-trippy way. Whichever way you want to approach it, it's hard to deny that this is a seriously pretty mat. 

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