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Best Cooking Accessories for Making Cannabutter

Love to make edibles, but hate making Cannabutter? Invest in these cooking accessories for making Cannabutter, and that might change.

Most edibles are made by using Cannabutter or canna oil to get the potency that you need. On the surface, this seems fine. After all, making Sativa Snickerdoodles or some delicious Marijuana Meatballs is always going to be appealing. 

Then, when you actually realize the work that it can take to make good Cannabutter, you'll see where the issue is. Simply put, most people don't have the patience to deal with the stink of decarboxylated cannabis nor the time to spend infusing things to perfection. 

That's why there's so many awesome cooking accessories for making Cannabutter hitting the market. If you want to show your inner Martha Stewart-meets-Snoop Dogg, check out this list of must-have kitchen accessories for every stoner chef. 

Magical Butter Machine by Magical Butter

Forget all the complex steps behind making Cannabutter! That batch of dreamy brownies just got a lot easier to make thanks to the Magical Butter Machine. We had to start with this, because it's considered to be one of the OGs of cooking accessories for making Cannabutter. 

This machine streamlines the process of making quality Cannabutter. It comes with a heat-sensing microchip to take all the guesswork out of the prep time, and does all the infusion mixing for you. 

Additionally, you can also use this machine for other cannabis infused goodies, including oils, soaps, and tinctures. So, the sky's the limit on what you can infuse—and what you can cook. 

The Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser by Mighty Fast

Looking for a faster way to infuse your cannabis butter? Then look at this mini infuser from Mighty Fast. This herbal infuser makes Cannabutter for you in as little as 45 minutes. 

This infuser can make way more than just Cannabutter. You also can make seriously potent honey, oils, and jams, too. This is a smaller scale option from the Magical Butter Machine, so if you're looking for something more compact that's easy to clean, it's a perfect choice. 

Easy Flex Bite Size Silicone Mold by Wilton

Sure, the Magical Butter company also makes butter loaf molds out of silicone, but we're not going to choose that one. Why? Because they were a bit plain and would make actually measuring out the butter a bit aggravating. 

These bite size molds are cute as pie, will make it easy for you to mold the butter into evenly portioned tabs, and also will standardize the size of your butter pats. 

The end result? One of the cutest cooking accessories for making Cannabutter on the market—and one of the best gummy trays out there, too!

GhostDabsters Silicone Mat by Cargo Club

If you're looking at cooking accessories for making Cannabutter, you probably have also been kinda curious about dabbing. A silicone dab mat works well with cannabis-related cooking (or butter making, in certain cases). It also works as a great dab mat for expensive rigs.

Versatility, style, and quality all come together with this hilarious GhostDabsters mat. Hey—no one said you have to sacrifice style for function, right?

Pour-Over Coffee Dripper with Wood Stand by Osaka

If you're going to make Cannabutter the old fashioned way, you already know the pain that comes with straining out all the weed from the now melted and/or boiled butter. 

This coffee dripper is a stylish way to reduce the strain (pun intended) of separating the herb from the butter. Just pour the mixture over the filterless cone and the herbs will quickly get caught by the mesh. 

4 Quart Smart Pot by Crock-Pot

One of the most common ways to make Cannabutter involves a crock pot. So, it only makes sense that we include a crock pot on our list of cooking accessories for making Cannabutter. 

A small crock pot is all you need to make a good amount of Cannabutter, so a four-quart pot like this will more than suffice for a seriously large batch. When you're not making Cannabutter with it, you can use it for some tasty crock pot dinner recipes.

Cucina Nonstick Butter Warmer by Rachel Ray

Admittedly, this isn't what most people would think of when they're looking for cooking accessories for making Cannabutter and other infusions. However, it's one of the oldest tools for making Cannabutter in the book. 

Purists who want to get a classic flavor with an old school method will need a good nonstick pot. The ones by Rachel Ray are literally meant for warming (and infusing) butter. Needless to say, it's a must-have for any edibles fan. 

2-Cup Airtight Plastic Food Container by Snapware

Once you're done making marijuana infused butter, you're going to need a place to store it. As most cannabis aficionados can tell you, keeping butter out in the open can damage its flavor—and potency. That's why an airtight container works wonders. 

This 2-cup food storage container is perfect for storing your Cannabutter once you're done making it. It's airtight, easy to clean, and fits perfectly in your fridge. 

Novelty Tools and Gadgets 2-Piece Silicone Spatula and Spoonula Set by Cake Boss

These tools might be novelty accessories, but they're still pretty awesome cooking accessories for making Cannabutter. The spatula and "spoonula" set are made of heat-resistant silicone and are perfect for whipping butter and stirring things up. 

You can use one spatch for stirring your Cannabutter as you're making it, and the other to put chocolate icing on your brownies. Or, you know, you can try to re-enact that time the Cake Boss gave a munchy to Willie Nelson. Whatever floats your boat. 

The Cannabis Cookbook by Tim Pilcher

Let's just face it, all these cooking accessories for making Cannabutter are useless without the right recipes to use that butter with. This book will have you learning how to get the best THC dosage with the tastiest treats. 

Cannabis cooks, unite! 

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Best Cooking Accessories for Making Cannabutter
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