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Best Cannabis Strains for Relaxing

If you're looking to get your chill on or forget your troubles, toke up with the best cannabis strains known for relaxing.

Trying to relax or overcome any kind of stress–like anxiety, depression or pain– can be a monumental challenge for some, but if you toke up a little bit time after time you’re in luck. Thanks to the various crossbreeding efforts with cannabis, there are many strains for relaxing that many people don’t know that actually can help you feel better. First thing you should know though is, that everyone’s body metabolizes certain cannabis strains differently from how other people have generally experienced them. But most popular cannabis strains have proven, more than others, to be great candidates for easing anxiety, depression, insomnia and certain kinds of pain. The following is a list of some of the best cannabis strains for relaxing that are sure to help you drift off into relaxing euphoria where you can forget all your troubles.

Northern Lights

One of the most popular indicas strains, Northern Lights is a classic choice when you’re looking for a little rest and relaxation. Northern Lights is best known for its mind expanding and mood elevating effects. A tranquilizing indica like Northern Lights helps slow the mind and body down. Northern Lights is one of the best cannabis strains for relaxing and achieving a more peaceful state. This strain is a great choice for getting relaxed after a long day of crunching numbers and staring at computer screen. 

Girl Scout Cookies

While this hybrid strain may seem like a panic attack waiting to happen because the high levels of THC, studies have shown that people with PTSD syndrome often have a deficiency of a naturally occurring THC-like compound called anandamide, which plays a role in memory. If you’re suffering from PTSD or any type of emotional trauma the Girl Scout Cookies strain is probably your best bet for trying to relax. It is sure to take your mind off of the troubling things that make you worry and put you in a more relaxed state.

Strawberry Cough

People smoke for many varied reasons, but one true and most common justification is to ease social insecurities. Strawberry Cough has been know to alleviate social anxiety. This sativa strain manages to walk the fine line between energizing and calming while making it easier to converse in social settings without feeling anxious or overly paranoid. FYI you might cough up some strawberries a little, JK!

Master Kush

This strain holds a superb balance of full-body relaxation without the mind-numbing effect that many indica strains can produce. Master Kush can offer anxious people a more sharpened sensory awareness that can help you when trying to put bad thoughts out of your mind and help you concentrate. For many, it’s known to help take the edge off of things, but still help you focus on whatever you are trying to do.

Willie’s Wonder

If you’re like me, you sometimes battle with your bed at night. The legendary indica-dominate hybrid Willie’s Wonder, or better known as William's Wonder, has been known to help you get a good night’s sleep. But be warned before you go and seek this strain out to cure your insomnia, if aren’t an avid smoker, Willie might be a bit too much for you at first. Try Willie’s Wonder in small amounts first. You want to sleep, not freak out!

Mr. Nice

This strain is sometimes quite hard to find but if you can, you’re in luck. Named after Howard Marks, one of the largest cannabis smugglers of all time, Mr. Nice is the perfect indica hybrid will creep up and provide you with a strong, mellow high. It has been said that the Mr. Nice strain isn’t too heavy of a high and is great for a focused and relaxed time. Like it’s name, it’s a pretty nice high for relaxing.


This is another strain for people suffering from social anxiety. The AC/DC high-CBD strain might be better suited for you if you have a more severe anxiety complex. ACDC's cannabinoid potency can vary, but it’s CBD levels is more than THC so psychoactive effects are minimal. It’s a perfect strain to focus and not get all freaked out. It keeps you easily relaxed, clear-headed, and focused on what would normally be like in an uncomfortable social situation.


Not everyone smoking wants to get completely wasted. People actually smoke for serious reasons like pain and emotional stress. Many people have turned to the hybrid strain Canna-Tsu because of its high CBD levels, low THC cannabinoid profile that delivers a mellow euphoric effect with a more mental clarity state. Strains high in CBD like Canna-Tsu are in high demand for treating pain, inflammation, anxiety, and seizures. 


Named for the people who are a hot mess. Trainwreck is cannabis hybrid, that might come on a little speedy through the mind as a euphoric surge, but then soon tapers off leaving you more awake, feeling creative and happy. Trainwreck has been known to ease migraines, certain pains like arthritis because of its high THC content. Also this cannabis strain has been a common source of relief from anxiety, ADD/ADHD, and PTSD for many smokers.


This unique hybrid cannabis strain might produce a relatively short-lived, mellow high, but the feeling you get is uplifting and powerfully relaxing. Because of its high CBD levels and low THC potency, Cannatonic has been one of the premier medical strains that is often used to treat pain, muscle spasms, anxiety, migraines, and a wide range of other physiological and psychological symptoms. 

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Best Cannabis Strains for Relaxing
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