Best Books for Stoners to Read

Love to toke, and want to be intellectual about it? You're not alone, my friend. According to critics, these are the best books for stoners to read.

Whether mainstream media wants to admit it or not, marijuana and books go together beautifully. Many major authors wrote bestsellers while smoking the herb, and some even managed to make a reputation for themselves as writers because of their ganja habit. 

Since many books were written while using marijuana, it comes as no surprise that there are lists online that discuss the best books for stoners to read. Speaking as someone who loves some CBD along with their summer reading list, these are my personal picks. 

Weed: The User's Guide by David Schmader

Weed: The User's Guide regularly cited as one of the best books for stoners to read, primarily because it really does help pot smokers get the most of their weed. Along with offering a multitude of tips on how to enjoy now-decriminalized cannabis, Weed also has a nice splash of humor to it that makes it easy reading...even if you're not baked. 

This book has a major cult following, with many celebrity fans among its ranks. All I'm saying is that, if it's good enough for Reggie Watts, it's good enough for you, too. 

Be Here Now by Ram Dass

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Be Here Now
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This 60s relic is one of the best books for stoners to read, primarily because of the incredible illustrations and trippy metaphysical text. To a point, Be Here Now has become legendary in cannabis culture because of its drawings and its overall existential vibe. 

That being said, Be Here Now also makes a great gift for people who enjoy LSD, mushrooms, or awesome art from the 60s. 

Cannabis: A History by Martin Booth

Another classic on everyone's favorite plant, Cannabis: A History is one of the best records of how cannabis was seen throughout the ages. Booth's expert portrayal of the controversy behind cannabis and the ways it had been used in the past is a must-read for anyone who really wants to be well-spoken on the topic of marijuana. 

Informative and engaging, it's easy to see why Cannabis: A History is one of the best books for stoners to read before a pro-cannabis rally...or as general infotainment, too. 

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson

Anyone who knows me will tell you that this was my most obvious choice ever. Most stoners I know are huge fans of Hunter S. Thompson, primarily because he was bold enough to openly be a drug user at a time when it was really verboten in the writing industry. 

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is gonzo journalism at its very best, and also happens to be one of the best books for stoners to read when they want to see how crazy life can really be if you let yourself loose. 

On The Road by Jack Kerouac

Before Hunter S. Thompson set foot in the literary scene, Jack Kerouac and his crazy bunch of beatniks made smoking marijuana cool. On the Road is one of the few novels that brings out the raw truth behind the counterculture movement of the 1950s — and it does so beautifully. 

If you love sex, drugs, and jazz music, you'll understand why On the Road is one of the best books for stoners to read. It was "the book that inspired an entire generation," and once you read it, you'll feel the inspiration, too. 

Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison

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There's something about cannabis culture and underground counterculture movements that just pairs well togther. (Perhaps it's because cannabis culture is an underground thing, still?) Either way, it works. 

Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man brings the world of old school cannabis culture to life. As one of the best books for stoners to read while high, Invisible Man will have you sipping wine, listening to Louis Armstrong, and rallying for equal rights for all.  

The Marijuana Chef Cookbook by S.T. Oner

If you want to get better at your culinary stoner game and are getting a little bit bored of the same magic brownies time after time, then you might want to check out The Marijuana Chef Cookbook. This cookbook, written by a fellow S.T. Oner, offers recipes for almost every palate imaginable

Fans of stoner food will all agree — The Marijuana Chef Cookbook is one of the best books for stoners to read, if they want to improve their culinary skills and move beyond brownies. 

Cheech and Chong's Almost Legal Book for Stoners by Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong

Leave it to the best stoner comedy duo of all time to create an "almost legal" book for stoners that elicits giggle after guffaw. Along with giving you basic tips on cannabis culture, this surprisingly instructional book offers all the important "do's and don'ts" in the cannabis world.

To a point, it's hard not to add this book on any list of the best books for stoners to read. After all, it was this comedy duo that brought cannabis to mainstream culture — and helped spark its decriminalization

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