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Best Bong Cleaning Products

Every good bong owner knows the importance of keeping that glassware shiny with the best bong cleaning products.

A clean bong is severely underrated and keeping up on that cleanliness can make all the difference in your next smoke sesh. Nothing ruins the intricate flavors of that quality weed more than smoking through a thick resin build up. A clean bong is crucial for maximum airflow and circulation, full bud flavor, and of course simple respect for your sweet Mary Jane! 

Although you can always use old school alcohol and salt to clean your glassware, it can be difficult to get a good clean without proper materials and tools. Instead of wasting time and energy, some of us prefer going straight to the products that are designed exclusively to get the job done, especially when the oil build up lies in the small tubes or twisted designs that are difficult to reach. So my fellow stoners, check out this list of the best bong cleaning products that help not only clean but also prevent future resin build up.

Randy's Black Label

This cleaner is always a favorite, it's fast, easy and offers a deep clean. I’d recommend you wear gloves while handling this harsh alcohol like liquid. The grain like mixture creates a strong product to help remove the toughest of resin build ups. After using the liquid a simple hot water rinse should be enough to clean the glass of any residual cleaner. Learn more about Randy's and purchase the bong cleaning product for yourself with the link provided.

Grunge Off

Grunge off may not be the quickest solution for your resin build up, but it is a great bong cleaning product to use if you have a little time and money to invest for your glassware. The solution is completely alcohol free and also reusable if you take care of it. 

Typically you need to let your glass pieces soak in the product for 10 minutes. Place the pieces into a small bowl or plastic bag and pour some Grunge Off inside. The solution smells fresh almost like soapy bubbles and if you keep the solution in a ziplock bag you should be able to reuse it several times. For a less harsh, “soak-style” product, I would definitely recommend Grunge Off.

Glass Grips

Glass Grips are different sized caps that fit over your bong’s mouthpiece and bowl area. These may seem like a simple bong cleaning product, but the medical grade silicone containers are the perfect accessory for the clean stoner. 

Okay maybe you don’t have to be clean all around, but if you care for your glassware these grips are perfect to close off openings of your bong while using cleaning products. Pour the soaker or fast acting product into your bong, seal it off with Glass Grips, and then shake it, turn it, move it however you need to get the bong cleaning product through every inch of your bong. In each kit of Glass Grips you will receive one large and one small cap.


Exactly as the name advertises, this product is the ultimate resin blocker. It comes highly recommended by fellow stoners, especially if you want to avoid excessive cleaning of your bong, which can get expensive quickly. RezBlock is a great product to prevent that resin build up; it works effectively and is well worth it's price. Some users have reported its red color getting very dirty looking, but other than that it's a product well worth checking out.

Weed Wipes

Weed Wipes are one of my personal favorite bong cleaning products. They simultaneously clean and prevent resin build up on your bong so the two in one action make them more appealing to me. The geniuses behind the product have formulated it to successfully encapsulate the burnt plant matter right from your bong. Sounds so… natural, right? 

Well you are right; Weed Wipes are organic, odor-free, non-toxic and environmentally safe. And of course, they are made in Colorado. Apply the solution to one of the brushes provided in the cleaning kit and simply coat the surface of your glass. Adding some hot water and dishwashing soap can also help kill some resin if you have major build up. After coating your entire bong, give it a little rinse and less and less resin will build up after each use.


Resolution is a bong cleaning accessory similar to Glass Grips. The design is slightly different and some argue more universal for any type of bong. Each kit comes with one large and two small caps that stretch easily onto bigger openings or grip well on smaller ones. These caps do a fantastic job of keeping your cleaning product inside the bong at all times. The product is another Colorado native, so these guys know what they’re doing.

Scrubber Duckys

Scrubber Duckys is certainly the most creative bong cleaning product I’ve stumbled upon. The water pipe scrubbers (Duckys) are lined with magnetic strips on both sides, allowing you to drop one ducky in your bong and use the other on the outside to maneuver the inside one all around your bong. 

The Scrubber Duckys work well to remove resin from any hard to reach places without using any harsh cleaning products that could end up in your next dab session. It’s easy to use, chemical free, and dare I even say…. fun?

Effin Clean

Effin Clean stands out from other bong cleaning products because of its powder form. The drawback is that the small packets are 1 time use, but the product is mellow and non-toxic. Simply add some water and clean away even the most expensive glassware. Although you have to purchase multiple packets, the storage and transport of Effin Clean is much easier than other bong cleaning products.

Resinate Pipe Cleaner

Resinate is yet another fast-acting option to clean your bong. I like this one because it's biodegradable and safe for the environment, without leaving any chemical odors on your equipment. The product works well, cleaning the glass quickly and also tends to be slightly less expensive than its rival premium cleaner products.

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