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Benefits of Microdosing Cannabis

As the stipulation for marijuana's overall medical necessity continues, potheads, scientists, and industry influencers are scrambling in the search for benefits of microdosing cannabis—whatever that means.

Like a newly rendered version of the ancient "tea break," microdosing only recently began to sweep across the culture of marijuana consumption, delivering a newfound method of not only getting you higher than a space shuttle, but rendering yourself protected on both mental and physical fronts (for far longer than even your natural high). As all things marijuana, be careful before you attempt microdosing on your own. While I may be using evidences and various concepts found from prolonged research, it's still a tested concept that needs a little more professional insight by industry leaders before it's actually set into stone. Plus, cannabis illegality weighs heavily upon scientific data and progress in adapting consumption methods of marijuana.  

In actuality though, microdosing is nothing more than a glorified weed diet. It has proven that it can work, but as usual it doesn't work for everybody; this means you are much safer in learning the methods of microdosing weed as opposed to the more harmful areas of expertise, like the new trend in microdosing psilocybin and LSD. As fun as that might sound, let's stick to something safer and more reliable. Most people go about microdosing in the hopes of reversing self-effacing effects from long-time use, limit their use in general, or simply amplify the effects sustained from normal THC consumption. There are plenty of reasons and various methods as to why and how people go about it, but there are more benefits of microdosing cannabis than you might believe. 

Continuously Limited Dosing

Among the most prominent benefits of microdosing cannabis comes out of the very reality of drug culture and the negative aspects that swirl under it: drug addiction and narcotic dependancy. While weed may not be as dangerous as its counterparts, it does and can make people addicted to it, or other narcotics, but is rare.

Still, it's a channel through which most observers tend to ignore the most, simply put because addicts tend to bring their problems upon themselves. Microdosing can help by not only limiting one's single dosage, but by also testing that individual's need for the drug by responsibly spreading out doses and controlling the influence of the marijuana product.  To put it more plainly, microdosing gives you the keys to dosing responsibly, rather than over-abusing the nature of marijuana culture. 

Reduced Side-Effects

As previously mentioned, microdosing is intended to reduce the side-effects brought on by cannabis consumption, but this may vary from person to person. While low dosing methods are meant to soothe and relinquish one's emotions, the methodology does not intoxicate the user. 

This is where the benefits of microdosing become a heaven-sent reality: optimizing your high and limiting the effects that come with it make for one hell of a selling point. Reduced side-effects in microdosing is only one of many variables that make the method both fun and worthwhile by smoothing and leveling your usual high. 

Tranquil Concentration

Whether it's the benefits of cannabis or the benefits of microdosing cannabis, getting high in any capacity brings with it a whole bunch of creativity, calm, and an utter listless escapism. But, when you preform the microdosing method, you're also reducing doses of THC so you, yourself, can manage the highs and lows. 

Here's what to do if you get too high: microdose. Plain and simple, it's the best way in controlling your highs with a balanced sense of focus and aesthetic awareness. It will also keep you alert, since much of what microdosing is all about lies in prepared smoking habits, which is a new concept for many smokers. 

Conveniently Simplistic

Whether you're just starting it up, or continuing the legacy, microdosing is not only the most convenient way to smoke, but is a whole hell of a lot easier than typical weed consumption tactics. Obviously, microdosing is intended to generate small doses of cannabis into powerful highs, so to preform it the obvious method needed is limitations. 

It doesn't matter if you're a vaper, a smoker, an edible enthusiast, or even all of the above; of the benefits of microdosing cannabis, simplicity reigns as its most valid point in the debate for its necessity. Add to that the easiness it takes in starting the microdosing method, which is to metabolize just enough THC with little side effects when medicating, it's no wonder everyone is boosting their high tolerance this way. 

Medicinal Properties

As you might guess, marijuana is known to bring about a record of various medical properties, but microdosing in of itself can treat a number of ailments that weed alone simply cannot. Small doses of cannabis can help to eliminate anxiety, chronic pain, and even indigestion. 

That's not all, though, as microdosing isn't just bound to one formula. When mixing or monopolizing on the variants of THC and CBD, even more medicinal properties are uncovered; like depleting stress, depression, inflammation, and more. Experts on the benefits of microdosing point out there are nearly 40 different medical aids that microdosing can produce. 

Optimized Cannabis Research

Most people wouldn't even realize this, probably because they're too high to realize it in the first place, but one obvious connotation that microdosing gives us is a more readily available and foolproof methodology in cannabis research. It may not be the most postulating or advanced form of research, but it does give us a whole new way of experimenting and defining marijuana consumption. 

Especially in the form of medicinal properties, performing more research that is both optimizing and engaging will ensure a more firm and engaging culture that surrounds us. Marijuana itself can benefit from microdosing, as much as benefits of microdosing cannabis have shown to greatly enhance more human capabilities. 

Expanding Horizons

This may be a little more personal than anything, but as I said microdosing may vary from person to person, so it's not always the same for other people. It's among great ways to conserve your weed stash, a powerful tool for limiting use in general, and can be a form of aid for many reasons; it's expounding and monopolizing in its uses. 

This is where microdosing gets interesting, because you have those now testing and even preforming the method with psychedelics (which should be avoided at all cost), this means that the concept may be used in a variety of ways for weed, too. Vaping? Edibles? Joints? Pick your poison, and ultimately expand your horizons with the use of microdosing. You may not ever realize the value in this simplistic methodology. 

Sociability Factor

Marijuana itself has been one of the best causalities for friendship and connection. In this case, microdosing too can have a social connotation when you understand how it treats one's mood and feeling entirely. Among others, you will feel motivated and clear with an enhanced mood. 

Others might not consider it among the benefits of microdosing, but I think it's a valid point: microdosing boosts social behavior and then keeps it constant and level, unlike the various cannabis strains that posit the same results. When microdosing, it's not just about how much you smoke (or any way you consume marijuana), but how you feel when smoking in general. 

Coordinated Physicality

Among the more unusual qualities inherent in microdosing is in regulating one's physical sensations. Like the effects seen in the reduction of anxiety and depression, the benefits of microdosing also stipulate that lower doses means reduced factors of sensation or pain itself. 

It's actually a beneficial concept in the nature of smoking entirely. What we tend to see nowadays is the scientific study of marijuana use in line with replacing the more dangerous pharmaceuticals like Vicodin and Percocet. You'll be much better at controlling your symptoms on microdosing than in any other situation, since the method is meant to manage pain and anxiety with far better results (that show). 

Mental Reorganization

Weed consumption in itself brings about a clearer mind, but when studying the benefits of microdosing cannabis, you'll find that there are a multiplicity of brain fog avoidances. What this means is that when limiting your dose of THC, you're also reducing the possibility of getting that all-too familiar head high, or mental fog that some marijuana consumers want to avoid. 

It's not always the most beneficial of traits, as potheads tend to love their foggy brains more so than most from time to time, but focus and calm that comes out of microdosing will also level your head for a more clear and observant mind, rather than being lost in a haze of mental smog. 

It's the best!

While it may be an overused sentimentality and a concept bled out by product designers and advertisement agencies alike, but the background evidences made by Dr. Dustin Saluk are enough to prove that the benefits of microdosing cannabis are simply inherent upon the fact that microdosing in of itself is the best method to consume marijuana. Sounds absolutely ridiculous, but marijuana tends to do that to us. Saluk's résumé is breathtaking alone, but once you uncover his applied theories on microdosing, you'll want to be a part of the action, too. 

Postulated immensely in Dr. Saluk's Salon article, titled "Microdosing marijuana: Doctors say it's the best way to consume pot," the extremely versatile medical marijuana doctor has been undergoing 8 years of tests with several patients in unlocking the realities of microdosing: specifically in helping people find their most beneficial microdose. Saluk seems to consider this concept of the "micro-buzz" as a cross-dimensional doorway that unlocks a patient's productivity and comfortability levels at the same time (by your own doing, instead of the cannabis strains). 

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