Zeena Nackerdien

As a scientist, writer, and digital archaeologist I like to roam the Internet of Things, spread facts, wisdom, fun, and clickbait. Enjoy!

A Spray of Dope
2 years ago
Sometimes the volumes of information available by just one or two clicks can confuse both experts and non-experts, especially when it comes to the contentious topic of marijuana. To partake or not to ...
How To Forget the Fog of War
2 years ago
“How many wars is the US really fighting?” blares the headline of a 2015 article. The answer, according to the author, Nick Turse, is that US Special Operations forces have already deployed to 135 nations, carrying out roles as advisors, performing secret operations, or actively engaged as the tip of the spear in war. Some of these operations have taken place in hot spots of the world like Afghanistan and Iraq. The seemingly imminent destruction of ISIS in Mosul bears testimony to the bravery an...
Fake Weed
2 years ago
Can quality control provide one answer?
A Brief History of Pot
2 years ago
Gateway drug or non-addictive medical panacea? The pot debate has continued to stoke the passions of recreational and medicinal users and their opponents for millennia. While the fate of marijuana leg...