Windillynn Chamberlin

Living a Cannabis lifestyle,with my honey & furbabies.Chasing our dreams of having our own Cannabis Friendly Healing Retreat. I want to normalize Cannabis use by writing & sharing my experiences,perspectives,thoughts & ventures.

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Job Hazards: The Sting of Cannabis
2 years ago
I hope everyone is high and hopeful out there in Cannatopia! I know I am! WOOOO HOOOOO for crop time. All those hours that my honey is away working his ass off pay off in this moment of a deep inhale ...
My Apothecary Jar- Obama Kush
2 years ago
Hope all is high and hopeful out there in Cannatopia, and welcome to my Apothecary Jar. In this chapter, I am going to showcase one of the strains that my honey grows and give you a little background ...
Stoner Walks & Real Talks-Reflection
2 years ago
It has been a busy few days since my last entry. It gets quit busy around here when it gets close to crop time. Yay!!! I was missing my meds more than you could ever know. With growing you don’t alway...
Growing Your Own Cannabis—It Won't Make Money, but It Will Make Sense
2 years ago
Hope everyone is feeling high and hopeful out there in Cannatopia, because I know I am. I know in my last entry I basically gave you a breakdown of how long cannabis has been in my life and briefly to...
Yeah, I Smoke Pot... So?
2 years ago
Hello, my name is Windi and I am what some of you would call a stoner, but I prefer to be called a cannabis patient, cannabis connoisseur , cannabis enthusiast, cannabis advocate, cannabis consultant,...