Windillynn Chamberlin

Living a Cannabis lifestyle,with my honey & furbabies.Chasing our dreams of having our own Cannabis Friendly Healing Retreat. I want to normalize Cannabis use by writing & sharing my experiences,perspectives,thoughts & ventures.

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Job Hazards: The Sting of Cannabis
10 months ago
I hope everyone is high and hopeful out there in Cannatopia! I know I am! WOOOO HOOOOO for crop time. All those hours that my honey is away working his ass off pay off in this moment of a deep inhale ...
My Apothecary Jar- Obama Kush
10 months ago
Hope all is high and hopeful out there in Cannatopia, and welcome to my Apothecary Jar. In this chapter, I am going to showcase one of the strains that my honey grows and give you a little background ...
Stoner Walks & Real Talks-Reflection
10 months ago
It has been a busy few days since my last entry. It gets quit busy around here when it gets close to crop time. Yay!!! I was missing my meds more than you could ever know. With growing you don’t alway...
Growing Your Own Cannabis—It Won't Make Money, but It Will Make Sense
10 months ago
Hope everyone is feeling high and hopeful out there in Cannatopia, because I know I am. I know in my last entry I basically gave you a breakdown of how long cannabis has been in my life and briefly to...
Yeah, I Smoke Pot... So?
10 months ago
Hello, my name is Windi and I am what some of you would call a stoner, but I prefer to be called a cannabis patient, cannabis connoisseur , cannabis enthusiast, cannabis advocate, cannabis consultant,...