Wendy Weedler

Lives in Washington D.C. Has been part of the legalization movement for decades.

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Marijuana Ads of the Future from the Past
3 years ago
The way things are going, buying marijuana will soon be as easy as buying alcohol or cigarettes. It will be interesting to see how marijuana will be advertised once it is federally legalized. There ar...
Inspiring Women in the Cannabis Community
3 years ago
One of the most remarkable things about the burgeoning cannabis industry is that there are so many women in the cannabis community. As a relatively modern industry, the cannabis industry has not been ...
Great Date Ideas for Stoners 
3 years ago
Great date ideas for stoners don’t necessarily have to be between two love birds. Your date can be with any fellow pot head that you are close to. Admittedly every once in a while, you will end up cli...
Things Cannabinoids Do Besides Get You High
3 years ago
In 1968, John Lennon asked, “You say you want a revolution?” and nearly a half century later, eminent physicians and scientists have responded. Sanjay Gupta, MD, Chief Medical Correspondent for CNN, h...
Couch Exercises for Stoners
3 years ago
Exercise. Whether you love it or you hate it, one thing’s for sure: you need it. So for all my fellow potheads out there, here is a list of several activities to perform from the comfort of your own h...
How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card
3 years ago
Ever since the growth in medical marijuana legalization across many American states, more and more people have been left wondering how to get a medical marijuana card. The use of marijuana for medical...