Wendy Weedler

Lives in Washington D.C. Has been part of the legalization movement for decades.

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10 Gifts for People Who Love to Bake Pot Brownies
3 months ago
Is there anything more iconic in pot culture than the beauty of baked goods made with love... and weed? Maybe that’s a little over the top, but there sure is something great about eating those special...
Surprisingly Good Cannabis Cookbooks to Try
3 months ago
The edible can be a magical blend of your two favorite foods to indulge in: sugar and cannabis. The trick is having the right recipe to have a truly enjoyable desert. The world has grown to include so...
Is Marijuana Withdrawal a Real Thing?
7 months ago
Discussing the subject of marijuana withdrawal is no easy task. Many people are simply unwilling to ask the question: Is marijuana addictive?Proponents of both medical and recreational medical marijua...
Pros and Cons of Marijuana Legalization
a year ago
I'm one of those people who loves to advocate for the complete and total legalization of all drugs — and who advocates for treating addiction as the disease it is. When most people hear me on this, th...
Why You Should Cook With Cannabis
2 years ago
Since the earliest periods of human history, we have been using one particular herb in a number of ways. It is an ancient herb—one that promotes healing, happiness, and relaxation. With medicinal bene...
Does Marijuana Affect Brain Development?
2 years ago
Marijuana can be a very useful substance, but given the relative lack of knowledge about long-term effects, we could all stand to be as educated as possible before engaging. A little cannabis can be great for social gatherings, as it reduces anxiety and temporarily improves mood. However, Mary Jane doesn’t always treat its users fairly. This beautiful plant can turn into a flower of doom amongst younger smokers. It's pretty well-established at this point that cannabis use will not cause the any ...