Wendy Weedler

Lives in Washington D.C. Has been part of the legalization movement for decades.

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How to Hide the Taste of Weed in Edibles
2 months ago
I've been called "classy" by my smoker friends since I'm an edibles-only girl. On top of that, I've always been a baker. Then I went to college. That's where I learned to become a different kind of ba...
10 Gifts for People Who Love to Bake Pot Brownies
6 months ago
Is there anything more iconic in pot culture than the beauty of baked goods made with love... and weed? Maybe that’s a little over the top, but there sure is something great about eating those special...
Surprisingly Good Cannabis Cookbooks to Try
7 months ago
The edible can be a magical blend of your two favorite foods to indulge in: sugar and cannabis. The trick is having the right recipe to have a truly enjoyable desert. The world has grown to include so...
Is Marijuana Withdrawal a Real Thing?
10 months ago
Discussing the subject of marijuana withdrawal is no easy task. Many people are simply unwilling to ask the question: Is marijuana addictive?Proponents of both medical and recreational medical marijua...
Pros and Cons of Marijuana Legalization
2 years ago
I'm one of those people who loves to advocate for the complete and total legalization of all drugs — and who advocates for treating addiction as the disease it is. When most people hear me on this, th...
Why You Should Cook With Cannabis
2 years ago
Since the earliest periods of human history, we have been using one particular herb in a number of ways. It is an ancient herb—one that promotes healing, happiness, and relaxation. With medicinal bene...