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I Tried the High Times Cannabis Cookbook. Here's What Happened
5 months ago
In 2019, I'm no longer afraid to say it—I smoke a ton of weed. Well, maybe smoke isn't necessarily the right word anymore, so let me rephrase that: I consume a large amount of THC. After all, smoking ...
10 Countries Poised to Legalize Cannabis Soon
5 months ago
With Canada recently legalizing the widespread use of recreational cannabis, we are now, at least unofficially, seeing the beginning stages of the end of marijuana prohibition as we know it. The legal...
How to Apply for a Medical Marijuana Card in New Jersey
6 months ago
The buzz around the legal cannabis industry is growing louder as the days progress. Thanks to Canada's recent federal legalization of the plant for recreational purposes, pressure has ramped up for US...
How to Tell If Police Are Watching Your Dealer
6 months ago
Cannabis is on the cusp of widespread legalization, but on a federal scale, it's still considered a Schedule I substance. That means the government literally classifies it on the same level as drugs l...