Stoner Girl Diary

Discusses topics related to cannabis society, entertainment, fashion, news, and trending topics with an aim to break stoner stereotypes once and for all.

You Know You're A Stoner Girl When
3 years ago
Stoner girls are a rare breed of female. Some of us like to get baked then go shopping for hours, others hate shopping and would rather play video games and build gravity bongs all day, and the last b...
How To Be the Perfect Sesh Partner
3 years ago
Smoking marijuana has always been a team sport. And although it can be nice to wake n’ bake in solitude every once in awhile, smoking weed is always better with another person. That being said, someti...
Stoner States of America
3 years ago
2016 is brewing up to be one of the most vital years for marijuana reform to date. While many states avidly tried to collect enough signatures to make it to the November 2016 ballot, the following sta...
Essential Stoner ABC's
3 years ago
The stoner vernacular is full of odd phrases and confusing terminology that can somewhat boggle the mind. Everyday words can take on entirely new meanings and sometimes stoner lingo can even change de...