Stefin Bradbury

Just a stoner skipping across streams of consciousness.

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Pineapple Chunk by Sky High Gardens
2 months ago
Sky High Gardens considers themselves to be a boutique grower and has a team of about twelve employees. They’re located in Seattle about one mile south of Century Link Field, so I counted myself bless...
L.A. Confidential by Freddy's Fuego
2 months ago
It pays off, talking with your budtender. Build a good rapport with them. A little bit of conversation goes a long way. It’s been awhile since I’ve had some smoke truly worthy of uttering “wow” after ...
XJ-13 by Leaph
4 months ago
It had occurred to me that all the bags I’d been writing up so far have all come from shops local to me. I’m blessed to live in Tacoma, a city in a state where weed is legal. There are 21+ recreationa...
Strawberry Cough by Golden Tree Productions
4 months ago
Rumor has it that Strawberry Cough was so named because of the expansive quality she has in the lungs. One simple toke of this legendary strain could put the most old school of stoners into uncontroll...
Sorcerer's Apprentice by Jet City Gardens
4 months ago
Cheech Wizard and Appalachia come together to create the magic that is called Sorcerer’s Apprentice. According to Bodhi Seeds, the breeder of this particular strain, it is predominately an indica lean...
Sour Headband by Seattle's Private Reserve
4 months ago
Sour Headband fuses together a double dose of East Coast Sour Diesel with a bit of kush and a touch of skunk. It’s East Coast meets East Coast meets West Coast. The lineage for Sour Headband is Sour D...