Stefin Bradbury

Just a stoner skipping across streams of consciousness.


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XJ-13 by Solstice
2 months ago
By bringing together G13 with Jack Herer, XJ-13 combines legend with legendary. G-13 is an indica of unknown origin. Steeped in mystery, she had been rumored to have been part of a US government resea...
Jenny Kush by From The Soil Farms
2 months ago
Named for Jenny “Kush” Monson, pot activist and close friend to the breeders over at Rare Dankness, they wanted to create a strain that could “exude the same positivity and happiness” that their frien...
Blue Fire by 420 Natural
2 months ago
Blue Fire blends together a pair of old school favorites, Blueberry and Sour Diesel. A hodge-podge of mostly Afghani and Thai genetics. Blueberry was probably most notably made famous through the DJ S...
Strawberry Fields by Avitas
2 months ago
Strawberry Fields comes to us by way of Vermont. A pure indica of unknown origin, the breeder planted his cutting with his strawberries. He claimed this was why his strain matched the scent to the str...
Black Cherry by Lucky Devil
3 months ago
A hybrid of unknown origin, Black Cherry from Lucky Devil may be Black Cherry Soda, as that was the strain they referenced in an email when I inquired about the lineage and terpene profile. If it is B...
Pineapple Chunk by Sky High Gardens
5 months ago
Sky High Gardens considers themselves to be a boutique grower and has a team of about twelve employees. They’re located in Seattle about one mile south of Century Link Field, so I counted myself bless...