Stefin Bradbury

Hailing from Tacoma, WA, Stefin Bradbury is a stoner and swimmer in streams of consciousness. His weed reviews can be read exclusively on Potent. Get your cannabis journal at and follow him on Twitter @TheCannafiles.

Sour Headband by Seattle's Private Reserve
4 days ago
Sour Headband fuses together a double dose of East Coast Sour Diesel with a bit of kush and a touch of skunk. It’s East Coast meets East Coast meets West Coast. The lineage for Sour Headband is Sour D...
Blue Dream by Legends
8 days ago
Blue Dream—a classic hybrid of Blueberry and Haze hailing from California. Strains like Blue Dream have been around for a long time, over the years become prone to different cuts hitting the market. F...
Death-Star by Buddha Cannabis
16 days ago
The Death Star was a battle station the size of a small moon, hailing from the Star Wars franchise. Its official name was the DS-1 Orbital Battle Station and was destroyed by Luke Skywalker and the Re...
Cheese Candy by Green Brothers Farm
25 days ago
I was at the local pot shop talking to Ms. Budtender about the latest selections, it was Cheese Candy that grabbed my attention. As she returned from replacing the product I’d already said no to, I as...
Green Crack by Green Haven
4 months ago
I haven’t a clue if the story is true, the one about Snoop Dogg renaming Cush. I wasn’t there the day he allegedly proclaimed it Green Crack; and I did not have an opportunity to ask the man the day h...
Grizzly Kush by Downtown Cannabis Company
4 months ago
According to research, there’s two different strains that go by the name “Grizzly.” Neither of which have been designated as being part of the kush family. There’s a strain named “Grizzly” by ScareCro...