Skunk Uzeki

Skunk Uzeki is an androgynous pothead and a hard partier.  When they aren't drinking and causing trouble, they're writing articles about the fun times they have. 

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10 Best Shows to Watch While High
16 hours ago
There's something absolutely magical about having your first binge watching session when you first smoke a blunt. It brings a whole new layer to your favorite television show, and can also turn into a...
Ways People Used Cannabis Throughout History
2 months ago
The benefits of medical marijuana have been documented for as long as humanity has been alive. Cannabis has been considered a medicinal herb for millennia, with some historic records showing evidence ...
Is Vaping Weed Safer Than Smoking?
3 months ago
Weed is a great plant, and that's why the benefits of medical marijuana are finally being recognized throughout the country. With more states legalizing weed than ever before, people are allowed to ex...
How To Make the Best Cannabis-Infused Drinks
3 months ago
With more states where marijuana is legal starting to accept "green businesses" in their borders, it's not surprising that the United States is seeing a major uptick in cannabis products. The amount o...
Best Cannabis Products You Can Buy in 2018
4 months ago
I'll say it once, and I'll say it again. If you want to see what divides the weed noobs from the weed veterans, look at their smoking gear. It's the truth. The smoking gear that veterans have will alw...
11 Cannabis Products & Stoner Essentials You Can Buy On Amazon
4 months ago
Cannabis might not be legal across the United States quite yet, but that doesn't mean that many companies haven't already jumped on the weed bandwagon on a massive scale. That's why you can invest in ...