Sigmund Fried

Not his real name, but he wishes it was. Wasted, waxing philosophical.

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Can You Get a Weed Hangover?
3 months ago
We’ve all been there. Binge drinking with our college friends, sniffing something that shouldn’t be sniffed, putting alcohol or any sort of foreign drug into our body—these are all examples of behavio...
How to Make Bacon Infused Cannabis
a year ago
Everyone loves bacon. The pork product can be found on breakfast and brunch menus everywhere—people cannot get enough of it! When properly cooked, the crispy meat tastes unlike anything else. It’s sal...
How To Make Cannabis Pumpkin Cupcakes
a year ago
Pumpkin is one of the best fall flavors out there, but why wait until fall? A pumpkin cupcake is a splendid way to get your pumpkin fix, even before autumn. As all of the spices warm your heart and so...
How To Make A Marijuana Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich
a year ago
Peanut butter and jelly is one of the most scrumptious quick snacks you can make. Cannabis enthusiasts everywhere can agree that PB&J is perfect after an afternoon joint. It is a quick cure for the mu...
Are You Inhaling Wrong?
2 years ago
Weed costs money, and money can be hard to come by, so if you’re short on cash but still want to catch the best buzz possible you need to ask yourself “are you inhaling wrong?” Most people who consume...
Ways to Ingest Marijuana and Their Affects on You
2 years ago
The recent wave of change regarding marijuana legalization has resulted in the testing of many different ways to consume marijuana. However, many people don’t know the difference between the various w...