Ryan Jennemann

I am the co-founder of THC Design, the leading breeder and cultivator of premium, safe, estate-grown cannabis in California, and have been an ardent advocate for safe and quality cannabis for most of my life. 

Decisions, Decisions... How to Consume Your Cannabis Flower
2 years ago
You’ve made it to the dispensary, asked the budtender all the questions you had prepared, and finally picked out some of that delicious smelling XJ-13 the budtender recommended to you for anxiety reli...
What You Need to Know Before You Head to the Dispensary
2 years ago
You have done your research. You have talked to your doctor. You may even have a medical marijuana card in your hand. Congratulations! You are officially ready to take the next step and head to your l...
Talking to Your Doctor About Medical Marijuana
2 years ago
For more than half a century, Americans have been told one mistruth after the other about marijuana. However, as the country is becoming more educated about cannabis, what it is, and how the plant can...