Rob Holloway

Blog writer/comedian. I specialize in event coverage, I enjoy alternative events many people may not think about and happen in the little corners of the world. Connecting people together to create even greater events for the masses.

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Dilemmas With My Dealer
12 days ago
One thing legal states don't have to worry about is dealers. Dispensaries usually have knowledgeable staff, who all take great pride in their work. On the other hand, with dealers you have to keep in ...
Friends in High Places
16 days ago
You make friends in the strangest places. In today’s times where social media is continuously bringing people together, it’s amazing you can still be surprised by who you could meet, and where you’d f...
My Family Tree
a month ago
Getting high is great. It's almost magical. The first time I got high I remember taking notes of how everything that usually makes my mind race suddenly went silent. This is a great feeling for a high...