Riley Raul Reese

Riley Reese is comic book fanatic who loves anything that has to do with science-fiction, anime, action movies, and Monster Energy drink.

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How To Make THC Oil That Works in an E-Cig
a year ago
Even though marijuana is quickly becoming legalized throughout much of the United States, any stoner who knows the least bit about the current political climate will tell you it's still a wise idea to...
Best Dab Mats for Concentrates
2 years ago
Smoking concentrates has become more popular than ever before, and that means that the concentrate accessory economy has been booming. The most popular accessory to shop for—aside from pipes that allo...
Ways to Pass a Drug Test Quick
2 years ago
I remember the first time I got drug tested at work. It was a "surprise" that was given to us with 24 hours advance notice, and I was terrified. This was a job I couldn't lose. Much like yourself, I w...
Ways to Treat PMS with Cannabis
2 years ago
Cannabis seems to be a cure for everything—depression, anxiety, pain from cancer treatments, and even anorexia. As research continues to pile on the many benefits of medical marijuana, more symptoms t...
What to Do If You Smoked Laced Weed
2 years ago
In my years as a pothead (and casual drug user), there have been only a handful of moments where I have smoked laced weed without knowing it was laced. The majority of drug dealers won't add anything ...