Richard Huffman

II'm a 56 year old disabled and homebound veteran who has at least 7 different types of chronic pain syndromes and I am now a medical marijuana patient in Arizona who's an activist for the legalization movement for medical cannabis. 

This is My LEGAL Medical Marijuana House!
7 days ago
Hello there again everyone! I am so glad that I've found a new outlet for my campaign to bring cannabis use into the light of the 21st Century! I've got 105 videos on YouTube right now! I said in anot...
Cannabis & Hemp Can Save This Planet!
10 days ago
Hello there again everyone! Marizonarick is the nickname, and cannabis is my game! I want to continue to educate those who have no idea how cannabis works for millions of people. Sixty-million chronic...
Cannabis, Terpenes, Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency, and the Effects on our Bodies
12 days ago
So, let's start by going through the cannabinoid system in our bodies and DNA! Again...At every stage of biological life, even whales, microscopic sea squirts, and tiny nematodes have an endocannabino...
Home is Where the Weed Belongs!
14 days ago
So! Put good weed in, and get a great, healthy feeling out! Disrespect cannabis, and beware my wrath! Reach out and embrace cannabis and cannabinoids! They really do what I'm telling you... cannabinoi...
Cannabis Education For Everyone!
17 days ago
Well, I hope that everyone read my first story here, "Marijuana & Morphine... My Life in a Pill Bottle". Posted just a few days ago. Hopefully, everyone was able to stand the fireworks displays on the...
Marijuana & Morphine... My Life in a Pill Bottle
22 days ago
When I was just 8 years old, growing up in upstate NY, I started smoking cigarettes and pot. All through High School, and in '79, I joined the Army, which, at the time was full of pot smokers, and lif...