Randy Cobern

Retired old time drug entrepreneur. Current barista and avid reader.

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What Happens to Your Body When You Eat Weed?
a year ago
Straight up smoking weed can literally give you the best feeling in the world. It's as though your surroundings don't make sense, you can't open your eyes because of your sudden sleepiness, and you im...
History of Sherlock Holmes' Pipe
2 years ago
Neither kith nor kin will turn down a bowl when you flash a classy, well curved glass "Sherlock" pipe coupled with some fine medical greenery. Most of America is controlled by money and pharmaceutical...
How to Bogart a Joint
3 years ago
Since I was a kid, smoking pot behind the gym in high school, I can always remember being the guy that had to be reminded to pass the joint. It wasn't that I was selfish, I was just stoned. I would so...
Finding Marijuana in Colombia
3 years ago
There's a strange sensation of timelessness, seeing modern planes engulfed in a sea of museum relics in the Colombian airport. It's questionable whether or not these remnants from the past are capable...
San Francisco's Marijuana Supermarket 
3 years ago
Okay, I confess. I was once a customer at the once famous San Francisco Big Top marijuana supermarket. I wasn't the only one. At east 5000 or 6000 other people in San Francisco could make the same cla...
Dope Dealer Days
3 years ago
In 1963 I took my first hit of LSD, which in a way saved my life, since it stirred in me a desire for adventure that forced me to move out of the nest and away from the Bronx. The Bronx I left is now ...