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Magic Mushrooms of Hawaii
3 years ago
Hawaii, fabled land of Paradise, where exotic fruit can be picked all year 'round and the weed is so sticky that you can't roll a joint with it. When Ed Rosenthal went there one March, he expected to ...
Most Beautiful Places to Get High
3 years ago
The most beautiful places to get high vary as much as Earth does. You don’t just need good views. The experience can be enhanced by the vibe of the place. There’s also no accounting for taste. Some pe...
How to Harvest a Marijuana Field
3 years ago
A group of enterprising young Americans packed up their belongings and moved to a secluded spot along a coast, where they spent the summer alternately lounging in the warm sun and learning how to harv...
What Are the Dangers of Synthetic Marijuana?
3 years ago
Imagine we could take a time machine back to before the political scene was so ridiculous. I'm not talking about a Trump and Clinton election, but rather the short-winded feud of the Obama/Romney elec...
Tom Forcade Interview
3 years ago
Prior to his death, Tom Forcade's wife, Gabrielle Schang-Forcade, conducted an impromptu interview with the High Times founder. This interview was featured in HiLife Magazine almost a year after his d...
Ram Dass Interview
3 years ago
Michael Hollingshead, a researcher and writer, spent much of his career studying hallucinogenic and psychedelic drugs. He would later go on to work with psychedelic therapists, Ram Dass (formerly Rich...