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How a Siamese Abbot Cured Opium Addiction
3 years ago
For decades, Chamroon Pachandra was feeding a mysterious and ancient Siamese herbal mixture to those who wanted relief from the “Opium Devil,” and 30,000 ex-addicts swear to its amazing power. One fat...
Dangers and Delights of Shrooms
3 years ago
Psilocybin mushrooms are nature's own psychedelic, more visual in their hallucinations and smoother and shorter-lasting in their effects than LSD. The principal genera of Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms ...
What Makes Hash Oil Good
3 years ago
With marijuana becoming legalized worldwide, it is not surprising to see the stunning evolution it has taken. But one of the most exciting advancements in the cannabis community goes to hash oil. Alth...
History of Marijuana Prohibition
3 years ago
(In 1937, Congress passed the Marihuana Tax Act, which levied a "prohibitive" tax of $100 an ounce for transfer to an unregistered person, effectively making sale or possession of marijuana a federal ...
Oaxacan Marijuana
3 years ago
During the late 20th century, a little known weed became the preferred intoxicant of millions. Stifled considerably by a criminal setting, the flow of factual information about pot was supplanted by m...
Rules of Weed Etiquette
3 years ago
Years ago only a small clique of degenerates smoked marijuana. Now smoke rises from all segments of society. Once the exclusive delight of musicians and lower criminal classes, marijuana is now enjoye...