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Defining Budtenders and Sommeliers 
3 years ago
In terms of quantity, the cannabis industry is exploding in growth. Due to the expansion of the seeds market, hundreds of cannabis strains are now available for the consumer to purchase. Many new stra...
Best Gifts for Your Stoner Friends 
3 years ago
Choosing the right gifts for friends can be difficult, and choosing the best gifts for your stoner friends can seem even more intimidating. Whether you’re looking for a way to celebrate a birthday, th...
Best Medical Marijuana Dispensaries By State
3 years ago
With marijuana legalized in almost half of the United States, for both medicinal and recreational use, demand has skyrocketed. To meet this demand, new dispensaries are opening up across the US. Just ...
Most Common Myths About Cannabis
3 years ago
As the most widely known molecule found in cannabis, THC has been a thing of myths for a long time. Scrutinized as far back as Chinese emperors, many of the myths believed for centuries were simply du...
Rarest Weed Strains
3 years ago
We are surrounded by a myriad of options in today's world. Whether it be iPhone color, coffee flavor, or choosing a strain for tonight’s smoke sesh. When it comes to weed, connoisseurs are always look...
Craziest Cannabis World Records
3 years ago
Of the thousands upon thousands of people that strive to set world records each year, only a handful succeed. From the world's largest ball of yarn to the world's largest fingernails, people have thou...