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What Are Cannabis Concentrates?
3 years ago
What are cannabis concentrates? Broadly speaking, a concentrate is anything that is made up of compounds extracted from marijuana, usually either THC or CBD. There are many different methods of extraction and each one results in a different product. The starting material can also influence what specific product is produced. Concentrates are appealing to those who are looking for a stronger effect or high. It is also desirable for those who are looking for efficiency with their consumption, as a ...
Best Cannabis Strains for Sleep
3 years ago
Medical marijuana is used to remedy several conditions that may include insomnia, severe pain and anxiety. It is important to note that medical marijuana doesn’t treat the aforementioned conditions but rather serves to relieve them as symptoms of an underlying illness. Concerning sleep disorders, several varieties of marijuana are known to be particularly helpful. In this article, I shall discuss several strains generally regarded as the best cannabis strains for sleep. Marijuana is a naturally ...
LSD Guru Tim Leary Interview
3 years ago
Timothy Leary burst into the limelight, amid a shower of controversy. While members of the left debated whether or not he fingered friends and associates in order to obtain his recent release from pri...
Write for Potent Today
3 years ago
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Best Jazz Songs To Smoke Weed To
3 years ago
The perception of time, altered by marijuana, and the acute sensitivity to sound caused by THC, is part of the connection between jazz and weed. Cannabis helps some musicians to improvise by increasin...
History of Drugs in Soap Operas
3 years ago
Soap operas and drugs have more in common than most people would imagine. For one thing, they both can be addictive and have equal viewers to users. For another, the soaps pioneered the subject of dru...