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Ossiana Tepfenhart is a writer based out of New Jersey. This is her work account. She loves gifts and tips, so if you like something, tip her!

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How Dangerous Are Pesticides to Cannabis Users?
4 days ago
The new wave of states legalizing marijuana use has led to a boom in cultivation—and that's a great thing. However, not all legal marijuana is grown the same way. Some use pesticides to prevent cannab...
Best Marijuana Moments of 2017
22 days ago
2017 has had some seriously insane moments. We've seen some ugly political arguments, the repeal of Net Neutrality, and some of the nation's top officials get indicted by the FBI. Overall, it's been a...
Stylish Gifts for Cannabis Lovers
a month ago
As a cannaseur, I have beef with a lot of the gifts for cannabis lovers on the market. The issue I have is that it seems like people think that potheads have no taste. If you're reading this article, ...
Strongest Hybrid Strains On Earth
2 months ago
If you're like many potheads, then you're always looking for an herbal strain that will really, truly get you high. It's understandable. Cannabis has a lot of elements that offers both an enjoyable "h...
Most Expensive Marijuana Accessories
2 months ago
Fairly recently, one of Budweiser's top advisors called marijuana "the new craft beer," and if we were honest, we have to agree. With cannabis legalization spreading like wildfire throughout the State...
Best Ways to Smoke Weed Without Glass
2 months ago
Up until fairly recently, I had a glass pipe. Actually, I had many of them. However, over the years, they've been lost, stolen, thrown at my head, chucked in toilets, left on train tracks, and dropped...