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Guide to Marijuana Legalization in California
8 days ago
Smoking marijuana is legal for both recreational and medical purposes in California, and that's been the case for a while. Though it is a legal marijuana state, it's important to realize that there ar...
States That Legalized Marijuana
17 days ago
Medical marijuana is one of the biggest topics in the medical world today, and it's also gaining more traction than ever when it comes to local elections. People are now beginning to vote for politici...
Best Books for Stoners to Read
a month ago
Whether mainstream media wants to admit it or not, marijuana and books go together beautifully. Many major authors wrote bestsellers while smoking the herb, and some even managed to make a reputation ...
How to Protest Drug Tests
a month ago
Drug tests are really sticky situations, and not just because of the possibility of dried urine on the outside of the cup. Many highly capable people who worked hard at their jobs were let go once the...
How To Find a Job That Doesn't Drug Test
3 months ago
If there's one thing that every single pothead needs to know how to do, it's how to find a job that doesn't drug test. Without a job, you're not going to be able to enjoy a smoke. After all, where can...
How To Get Away with Smoking Weed in Public
4 months ago
Smoking weed in public isn't a good idea—in fact, there's a reason it's a bit of a teenage bragging right. In the wrong part of the country, public marijuana use can easily get you jail time, job expu...