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Ossiana Tepfenhart is a writer based out of New Jersey. This is her work account. She loves gifts and tips, so if you like something, tip her!

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Most Expensive Marijuana Accessories
3 days ago
Fairly recently, one of Budweiser's top advisors called marijuana "the new craft beer," and if we were honest, we have to agree. With cannabis legalization spreading like wildfire throughout the State...
Best Ways to Smoke Weed Without Glass
11 days ago
Up until fairly recently, I had a glass pipe. Actually, I had many of them. However, over the years, they've been lost, stolen, thrown at my head, chucked in toilets, left on train tracks, and dropped...
Best Weed Gadgets to Buy Right Now
15 days ago
If there's one thing that I enjoy doing when I'm not writing, it's smoking weed while having a drink. As a CBD oil lover and a typical herb smoker, I take pride in giving every kind of herbal intake a...
Best Gifts for Your Stoner Girlfriend
a month ago
Stoner girls always have good taste, which is why finding the best gifts for your stoner girlfriend can be such a hard task to accomplish. After all, stonerettes tend to want something that's both fun...
How to Fix Your High Cannabis Tolerance
a month ago
Cannabis is a wonderful herb that has a lot of awesome medical benefits. That's why so many people are attending pro-marijuana rallies and why many states are beginning to unroll plans to legalize wee...
Reasons Why You Should Smoke Weed Daily
a month ago
"Hey, hey, hey, hey. Smoke weed everyday." — Snoop Dogg I remember hearing "The Next Episode" by Snoop Dogg the first time, and hearing that phrase punctuate the song's ending. It was a simple song ly...